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Asus Accessories Gaming Series: Virtual Reality

 Virtual Reality

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Asus Accessories Gaming Series: Virtual Reality

After introducing Augmented Reality, this week we will speak about its big sister: Virtual Reality. While AR uses the existing world around and adds information to it, VR completely transports you to a virtual world where you will be able to visit a city without moving from your couch or experience immersive games unlike any other. VR was at first available only on PC with the aid of bulky equipment, but as smartphones like the Asus ROG Phone 2 become more and more powerful, VR worlds can be enjoyed with a very limited need of equipment.

Brief History about VR

In the 1950's, Morton Heiling decided to create a new kind of experience which allows users to encompass all their senses. He achieved his vision in 1962 by building a prototype called Sensorama. He created 5 short films which were able to interact with all 5 senses, creating virtual immersion for spectators. However, the system was complex and basic at the same time. Without computers, it remained difficult to popularize the technology to the public.

With the incredible advancement of technology in the early 1970's, the first VR headset came to life at Utah University and was created by Daniel Vickers. Year after year, supported by technological progress, VR became a “reality". Nowadays, you can find very affordable VR headsets which provide the full experience using just a smartphone.

Imagine using your Asus ROG Phone in order to experience a new game or visit beautiful cities like Paris without ever leaving your home.

VR Equipment

In order to enjoy VR, different equipment or interfaces are available. They are mostly visual.
  • Workbench: This is mostly used during the conception of products. It is comprised of a powerful computer with multiple displays and camera which lets multiple users see it at the same time.

  • Immersive room: This is the next level of experience. The user is in a room where the whole space, including walls and ceiling… is used to display images. This room is full of sensors to detect the user and their motions.

  • VR headset: The most accessible method, it recreates the immersive room experience but everything is displayed on the VR headset. The display could be a screen or smartphone. The headset uses motion sensors to adapt the image to your body or head motions and make you feel completely immersed in a totally new world.

Why are we using VR ?

  • Training: Virtual reality offers the possibility of carrying out practical lessons in a secure environment. Thus, is is possible to test one's knowledge and skills in a virtual setting, mitigating risk for potentially dangerous manuevers. It is an innovative training tool that different trades can take advantage of, from medical to military training.

  • Pedagogy: A derivative of videoconferencing, VR can be used for teaching. The advantage is that there is no longer a need to build huge auditoriums or classrooms for students. All they need to do is stay at home and connect to a platform provided by the teacher, who can teach remotely from any location on the planet in a room modeled to their preferences. Any experiment can be set up by the computer, which then simulates the chemical, physical or even mathematical reactions that an instructor desires.

  • Medicine: Surgery: Virtual teleoperation makes it possible to act on a virtual model thanks to a virtual robot, unlike classic teleoperation, which acts directly on a real robot. The actions are first performed in the virtual environment before being sent to the surgeon performing the operation. This makes it possible to test the maneuver in the virtual world before it is performed on the patient to spot any problems before they happen.

  • Architecture and Design: One of the earliest uses of virtual reality in architecture dates back to the late 1980s, when the University of North Carolina created a model of Sitterson Hall, the seat of its computer building, in a virtual environment.

We can certainly say that the examples above are only a small portion of the huge potential of this technology.

Do not hesitate to use a powerful Asus desktop or laptop, or even smartphone in order to get a sense of VR and start traveling the world from your couch.

In case you are already a proud Asus owner, do not hesitate to take a quick tour of our online store, and see if any accessories we offer can be interesting for you to enhance your setup. We offer a huge range of parts, from additional storage capacity, to smartphone screens and protective cases.

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