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Asus announces new ANDROID 12 update

ANDROID 12 update

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ASUS announces new ANDROID 12 update for smartphones

What is Android 12?

In early October 2021, the new Android 12 update launched for Google Pixel smartphones. The update offers new features and APIs, as well as new behavior changes. Now, the wait for Zenfone 8 users is almost over, as Asus announces that the new Android 12 platform will soon be available for its smartphones as well!

What are the new features and APIs?

The new Android 12 update offers users various new and improved features and APIs to make their experience more cohesive and enjoyable.

  • Game mode allows enhanced gameplay based on user and game-specific settings. This feature enables gamers to prioritize specific aspects, including battery life, to improve their play.
  • Widgets improvements have been made to enhance and organize the device home screens. These improvements include options for theming, personalized widgets, different sizes and layouts of widgets, and much more.
  • Rich content insertion
  • AppSearch is a new system service that offers users an on-device search engine.
  • Privacy Dashboard is a feature that provides specific information about data usage by particular apps, providing users with an increased sense of security and privacy.

What are the new behavior changes?

Android 12 also offers behavior changes to improve the security, privacy and performance of apps running on the updated software. To improve security and privacy, adjustments have been made to allow users to enable and disable the camera and microphone with quick toggle buttons. Also, icons now appear to alert the user that microphone or camera is in use. The Android 12 platform has been updated to block apps from closing system dialogs as well as block untrusted touch events. The restricted bucket was an improvement made in the Android 11 platform. To improve performance with the Android 12 update, this bucket automatically remains active. The system uses data such as usage patterns to organize the apps in buckets.

What is Android 12 Beta?

Although the Android 12 platform is not yet available to ASUS customers, you can still experience some of the new features. The Developer Preview Program gives you the chance to test out some of the new updates and improvements that Android 12 has to offer. Visit the Android 12 Beta developer site to learn about this opportunity.

  1. The steps to sign up for Android 12 Beta are included below:
  2. Power off your Zenfone 8 and use a USB cable to connect it to your laptop.
  3. Decompress the Android 12 image file and flash to your Zenfone 8 device.
  4. After the update has completed, click “Download Complete.”
  5. Restart your smartphone.

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