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Asus Computer mouse

Buy a brand new Asus computer mouse

Do you have of an Asus brand computer and are searching for a new mouse? From a wireless mouse (WT425), wired mouse (UX300, UT200) or a gamer mouse (Sica, GX950 or GX1000), you will find a computer mouse to best fit your needs. Asus's mice are high-quality laptop mice, they have a lot of options and are available in several colors (red, blue, white...).

The mouse is one of the vital elements to effectively use your Asus computer, whether portable or for office use.
To continue to personalize your office installation or to improve it, check out our online store for gaming or wired keyboards,  docking stations or protective bags, to guarantee the safety and longevity of your device, whether it remains at home, or will follow you on your every travel.
If you have any concern or doubts, our service team is at your side to guide you throughout your browsing and provide purchase recommendations focused on your needs and budget. And if you are still not completely satisfied, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee!

How to find the perfect mouse as a gamer

Asus Accessories answers all your demands and to the specific needs of each customer, regardless if its for office or gaming, and everyone will find a mouse in line with their budget and requirements.
Gamers will benefit too, with multiple choice of mice and models (ROG, Cerberus, Strix, Spatha ...), accompanied by a slew of products dedicated to this purpose: mouse cover, mouse pad, keyboard etc. Check out our fun article on what your ROG gaming mouse says about you! To accommodate your various needs, we also provide all the gaming bundles and combos, for example the mouse storage box, the backpack mouse, keyboard headphones mouse, or mouse headphone to offer you the best devices at the lowest prices.
All mice come in an assortment of colors to ideally match your device with the guarantee of having a quality product and with warranty.
Looking for other accessories? Our metaconfigurator will offer you a set of products and items compatible with your computer, after simply entering the series and the model of your device.
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