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Asus Wireless Mouse

 Asus office and gamer mouseHas your mouse already at the end of its life after its faithful duty over the past few years? Did you just become a gaming addict and need a high-performance mouse? The mouse is one of the essential elements to use your computer Asus correctly, either portable or office. Are you the owner of an Asus brand computer and are looking for a new mouse?
It turns out that your mouse is experiencing malfunctions or bugs such as slowdowns, long and successful trips, clicks not always taken into account, or a mouse that is no longer found by the computer. It may also be that you can not be as comfortable and effective with the touchpad of your computer as you would be with a mouse, and you want this extra equipment.
You can not stand the clutter of your desktop with all its wires, and you've decided to switch to a wireless mouse to expand your workspace (you can also remove the stand from your computer and fix it directly to the wall with an adapter wall to add extra space.) or just want to keep the old school wired mouse.

Asus Accessories responds to all your needs and to the particularity of each client, whether office needs or gaming, so that everyone finds a mouse to his hand and in line with his budget. In this section you will find a wide selection of brand new and certified wireless mice from Asus.

You love to be at the forefront of technology with a high-performance, latest-generation mouse?

All mice are available in a variety of colors to perfectly match your equipment and design, with the assurance of having a quality product and under warranty.

Looking for other accessories? Our configurator will offer you a set of products and components compatible with your computer by simply informing you the series and the model of your equipment. And if a doubt persists, our service team is at your disposal to accompany you throughout your navigation and advise you on your acquisitions according to your needs and your budget. Do not panic if the order does not suit you, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee!

To continue to personalize your office installation or to improve it, also discover on our commercial website all keyboards, mouse pad or protective bags, to ensure the safety and durability of your equipment, that remains at home, or follow you on the move.
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