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Special 120W PC charger

Special 120W PC charger

P/N : 0A001-00063600
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See delivery costs is specialized in official Asus AC adapters, for a high quality adapter and more safety.

Warning: You could find online compatible adapters at a very attractive price, but notice that they are sometimes built with poor materials and can damage your Notebook.

✅ Not sure which charger will work with your Asus notebook ? Find the right one in 2 clicks. First, pick the serie corresponding with your laptop, then choose the right model and you'll find the right charger for your Asus laptop. Click here if you need to know how to find the matching charger for your Asus laptop.
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This Official ASUS adapter gives you fast power reach everywhere. This adapter permits you to charge the battery of a laptop from any compatible energy source or just take off the battery for longer use of your device. You can maintain one adapter at your house and another in your job so there is no need to take it with you while traveling. Put additional adapters for your laptop at all the areas you go, and your battery problems are no more.

Transformer ASUS All-in One Official ASUS Brand AC Adapter
Warranty for 3 months
Model: PA-1121-28
Voltage: 19V
Current: 6.3A
Provided with a cable with a specific tip (longer)

Thank you for verifying the voltage and currents of your adapter before ordering.
NOTE: We strongly advise the use of Official ASUS parts for your ASUS devices to ensure durability, protection and longevity of your devices.


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