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Adapter 40W for Asus Chromebook

Adapter 40W for Asus Chromebook

P/N : 0A001-00031500
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Request availability is specialized in official Asus AC adapters, for a high quality adapter and more safety.

Warning: You could find online compatible adapters at a very attractive price, but notice that they are sometimes built with poor materials and can damage your Notebook.

Asus 40W charger for the Asus Chromebook laptop

Charge your Asus laptop with this original Asus 40W charger.

If your adapter is in bad shape, it can cost much more than replacing it because the mainboard is very susceptible to current changes. In fact, a faulty charger can be disastrous.Don't risk it. Evade replacing it with an after-market adapter. Select the manufacturer's authentic and official charger. This charger is equipped with the power cord.

The reference for this power supply is: ADP-40KD BB

Asus 40W charger for the Asus Chromebook laptop

Specifications are as follows:

Voltage: 19 V

Amperage: 2.1 A
Power: 40 W

It is vital to verify the voltage and amperage of your adapter before placing your request.
If you are not certain of your selection or if you can not locate the model of your laptop, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you with your order.


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