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White 90W Charger for Universal Dock

White 90W Charger for Universal Dock

P/N : 0A001-00055200
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90 W Charger for the Asus ZenBook 3 Universal Dock

90 W Charger for the Asus ZenBook 3 Universal Dock

This 90W power supply is an official Asus adapter.

This official adapter is essential for the charge of your battery or for the use of the electrical outlet on your laptop. So, do not take the risk of downgrading your Asus laptop by using an uncompatible charger.
In order to prevent any possible breakdown, demand an official Asus manufactured adapter.

This power supply complies with the following references : ADP-90YD B

Charger Specifications

Amperage : 4.74 A
Power : 90W
USB C Type

Please check the voltage and amperage of your charger before sending your order.

Caution : do not rely on the reference you have on your current charger and make sure you order a charger compatible with your laptop.

You can use our configurator by entering the exact model of your laptop. All Asus spare parts compatible with your laptop will arise from this request.
If you are not sure of your choice or if you can not find your model of PC, do not hesitate to contact us so that we help you in your purchase.
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