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Asus EeeBox PC
(formerly Asus Eee Box) is a Mini PC computer line from ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated, and a part of the Asus Eee product family. The Asus EeeBox PC series is marketed as a small, light, inexpensive and energy-efficient counterpart to the Asus laptop series. We sell chargers for E210, fans for B202 and WiFi antena for EB1007.
Find here all the Asus EeeBox accessories you need. All the items are brand new and available at the lowest price on our online shop. It is regarding adapters, fans, RAM for the Eeebox : EB1006, P242, TC710, EB1012, EB1501...
You have a desktop Asus EeeBox, this mini desktop PC that integrates ease, power and small features. This economic model is perfect for the home, it helps the family device by reducing the clutter of your office. It can f easily be ideal for a student room.
Occasionally, the constant usage or lack of good maintenance, your mini-computer will ecnounter slowdowns, or a few accessories can not do more and you need to change them. It's from the mindset of endurance and product quality that Asus sells all the accessories and EeeBox components you require in order to fix or improveyour desktop computer.

Asus Accessories introduces in this segment the numerous EeeBox merchandise constantly at the lowest price and with prompt delivery.

Here you will discover chargers, either to change your damaged or misplaced one or you just need a basic charger, a box-type charger, one with multiple tips or a car lighter charger to be with you in all your journeys, for all your requirements and all your wishes. Additionally, we provide fans to continually guarantee the correct cooling of your system and therefore the best conservation and longevity of all of its components that are in its case.

You probably have a problem related to a malfunction or am individual usage, such as the need to boost the memory of your desktop, which the original bar is already full. Then here you can purchase various memory modules to accommodate your data storage or media storage needs, with several capacities available (ranging from 2 GB, 8 GB to 4 GB).

Last but not least, we also provide for sale the WiFi antennas (black or white) to upgrade your connectivity and the fluidity of your Internet browsing and a metal fixing kit to fasten your EeeBox behind your computer screen. 
If you want to make these replacements on your own, we also offer tool kits to help you with these repairs
Do you consider yourself not too handy and are worried of committing a mistake during the disassembly - reassembly step? It is ok, our After Sales Service team is always at your side to assist you and helps you with best method to use.

All of our merchandises are new, certified and produced by Asus and under a 3 to a 24 month warranty, to ensure professionalism and satisfaction awalys
View also now our  various accessories and items appropriate with your EeeBox desktop, such as mice, keyboards, or audio accessories to make your installation more complete and powerful than ever.
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