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GX860 ROG Buzzard mouse

GX860 ROG Buzzard mouse

P/N : 90XB02C0-BMU000
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ROG GX860 Buzzard Mouse


Greatest Precision. Impeccable Accuracy

The ROG GX860 Buzzard Mouse has a laser sensor from 50 to 8200 dpi resolution and double switch function.
The ergonomic design provides a comfortable and firm grip for gaming and gives you more endurance and control - the important edge required for winning!
Intuitive interface gives easy access to DPI resolution but also in keys configuration, macros and profile utilization.


OS Support :
- Windows 10
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 8
- Windows 7
- Windows XP


The ROG GX860 has a LED three-way profile indicator in striking colors (Red, Orange, Green) which demonstrates actual settings - so you are aware that it is ready for combat. The easy to use software assists you with setting up new profiles easily, enhancing your GX860 for your next experience.

It also has high-quality Omron switches under both left and right buttons for a superb feel, response and pin-point accuracy. The ROG GX860 is prepared for the combat with a non-peel, heat-resistant side grips with intricate Mayan-inspired design. Also, it has built-in forward and back buttons, and a customizable thumb button to completely provide you with the victory

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