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Charger 75W

75W adapter for the Asus laptop

Voltage: 19V
Currents: 3.95A
Power: 75W

Transformer included with a sector cable.

Official ASUS adapter gives quick power convenience anywhere you need it. The adapter will allow you to charge the battery of your laptop from a compatible power source or just pull the battery out for extended periods of usage of your laptop. Keep an adapter at your living quarters and another at your work office so you don't need to have one when on the road. Put additional adapters for your laptop in areas where you like to be all the time, and your battery issues are resolved.

Thank you for verifying the voltage and currents of your adapter before ordering.

NOTE: We strongly advise the use of Official ASUS parts for your ASUS devices to ensure durability, protection and longevity of your devices.
P/N : 0A001-00070000
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This CHARGER 75W is no longer available for sale, however you can find other parts available for your Asus LAPTOP by typing its reference in our meta-configurator.