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How to Choose the Best Computer Screen for You

How to Choose the Best Computer Screen for You

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There are a vast variety of computer monitors on the market today with thousands of different features including screen resolution, size, and even refresh rates.

With all these options, choosing one may seem like a difficult process, however there are some basic questions to narrow down one’s choices.

The biggest factor would be usage; what is the main purpose of your computer?

Perhaps you are a business professional, a gamer, or just need to check emails regularly.
After identifying what you’ll be using your computer for, we can then dive into some information on each type of monitor.

General Use

Monitors for general use are perfect for the home office as well as other work spaces due to their overall low cost and simplicity. These screens are best for everyday web browsing and entertainment, as well as for running applications like Microsoft Office that don’t require heavy graphics processing.

Asus VS239H-P

This also entails that your PC does not have to be the most recent or advanced model, general use screens will work with most computers. The next step would be to consider your space and what size screen would fit best.

Recommendation: Asus VS239H-P

Asus VS239H-P

Professional Use (Design, photos, videos…)

Photographers, designers, and other professionals have specific needs when it comes to their monitor. In order to edit precisely, it’s important to choose a wide screen with high resolution and color accuracy.

Professionsl monitor

Professional monitors are optimal for working with applications like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro because they produce the most realistic colors and intense contrast down to each pixel. Asus’s ProArt series even allows you to see exactly how a photo or document will look before printing with QuickFit Virtual Scale.

Recommendation: Asus ProArt series

Asus ProArt series


Gaming on a PC is high paced; it requires quick refresh rates and response times to prevent lagging. Response times are how quickly the color on the screen can be moved, and fast response times (1-3 milliseconds) allow perfect control of the game.

Asus ROG series

Refresh rates describe how many frames per second will be displayed. High refresh rates produce a streamlined and immersive gaming experience. These are a few features to look out for when choosing a gaming monitor but one could also consider special options such as anti-blur technology or adaptive syncing for extreme precision.

Recommendation: Asus TUF gaming or Asus ROG series

Asus ROG series

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