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Most frequent issues on a PC

Most frequent issues on a PC

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It’s never easy to troubleshoot a PC. A simple sound issue could be linked to cable, external speaker, soundboard… and after 2 hours you will start having a headache. So, here we list some of the most frequent issues you may encounter on a PC, whether it is a portable or a desktop one.

Loud noises

Loud noises, rattle sound are common issues on desktop mostly but can also happen on laptops. It can appear because your internal fans (GPU, CPU, ...) are full of dust, it can also indicate that your computer fan is damaged because of a bad design or simply because he is old. When some of you may think that it is not a big deal, I recommend that you fix this issue quickly. Not because of the noises but if the fan is faulty or damaged, the cooling process of your CPU or GPU or Power supply is impacted, and it can lead to the impairment or destruction of these crucial pieces, which would lead to a costly repair at the end.

Our online store offers you all the fans you are looking to fix this issue and use safely your Asus laptop or desktop.

Most frequent issues on a PC

Computer Freezing

Computer freezing is one of the most difficult issues to fix and to diagnose because it can come from many reasons from an application installed to a memory issue, but it can be also a faulty RAM or a damaged CPU fan.

As a first step, we recommend you to check all the applications which are currently running on your machine and kill them one be one to see if it helps. A quick tip as well is to make sure that you do not have installed 2 anti-viruses on your PC. When 2 anti-viruses are scanning your machine, they have an algorithm to check for unauthorized activity on your machine. So, each anti-virus start checking each other, and it kills the performances, your PC is no more useful because it is so slow and almost freezes.

On the Hardware side, I would recommend checking your CPU and GPU temperature and see if it’s stable when idle, or if the fan starts when you're gaming. You may find a few applications that can display the CPU/GPU temperatures and, if they are too high, you may have to replace your fan as soon as possible to prevent CPU or GPU damage due to overheating.

RAM could be trickier to detect but a general sign of faulty RAM is PC freeze, reboot, corrupted files when those files have been used recently. You can find some of the best RAM modules on our online store from RAM for your laptop to EPC Memory modules.

We are not covering this topic here, as it’s not recommended, but overclocking a CPU may also cause your machine to freeze.

Most frequent issues on a PC

Screen display is truncated, missing pixels or has low resolution

When it comes to displays, few issues may happen, and we will try to go through the most common ones.

If the display is flickering or stays black in most of the case, it certainly comes from the cable connection between the display and the graphic board. It could be either the external HDMI or VGA cable for both your laptop and desktop or from the FCC Cable from your laptop which connects your motherboard to the LCD panel.

Missing pixels or red/blue or green lines showing up on your display is a signal that the panel of your display must be replaced as it can’t be fixed by changing a cable or by a software update. In time, with any monitors you will start to see what is called dead pixels, there is really nothing you can do about that, it will depend on how the LCD panel has been manufactured. If you decide to change the panel, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Even if it sounds attractive to spend less money, the quality may differ a lot, and you may end up buying a replacement one sooner than expected.

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monitor issue

No sound or poor quality

Multiple causes can be the source of the issue. If you use an external speaker or speakers embedded in your display, check the cable, and it’s also applicable for the speaker embedded in the display. A damaged cable can cause no sound or a very creepy one. Now in the case of your monitor as embedded speakers, and you are connected using an HDMI cable it can happen that by default your operating system switches the audio output on the monitor instead of your external. In that case, you will just have to go to the settings and force the audio output to the output you want.

With that said, when you own a laptop and its embedded speakers are not functioning or making weird noises, you will have to replace them using the manufacturer one. You can find some speakers you may need for your Asus laptop on our online store.

Most frequent issues on a PC

Webcam doesn’t start or is not working

Webcam, our most important communication device whatever it is for work, learn or simply chat with your family and friends.

As a first try, always reboot your machine, the driver may be buggy and required a restart. Always keep your driver up-to-date. If the issue is still there after the reboot, you may need to change your webcam module and/or probably the FCC cable. It’s an effortless task but needs to be done gently.

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Most frequent issues on a PC
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