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The guide to laptop component parts

Asus laptop component parts

Do you need a part but you are not sure what it is called or even what it is

This guide was designed by the team at to help you find the Names and Descriptions of most of the components in your laptop.

PRO Tips Follow the steps below to ensure that you can reassemble your laptop after you remove a part(s).

1. Take pictures of each step and number the pictures.
2. List the parts removed(screws, clips, trays, cables…) and the tools used in each step
3. Note where each cable is connected and which connector goes where.
4. Note the order in which you remove each item (Take pictures)
5. Note the orientation (what is up/down/right/left) – should be visible in pictures.
6. Be patient and Take you time.

REASSEMBLE by reversing the process outlined above – use pictures from last to first as a guide

How to choose the exact part for your Laptop

Once you locate the part you want to change in your PC please use the Application on our Website to determine which part corresponds to your specific ASUS Laptop using the Model number. If you are unsure or there are still several choices, please let us know at (note you will need to provide the serial number of your laptop – the link below will help you locate the serial number)

How to find SERIAL

Laptop component parts and their description


The list and description will contain links to actual items that are meant to be examples

1. Bezel

The bezel is the outside frame around the Screen. The Bezel for your ASUS laptop or notebook may or may not include a hinge cover.

List of Asus bezel

Asus bezel Click here

2. LCD Screen Panel / Module

LCD (liquid crystal display) is the technology used for Laptop displays. The models vary greatly in their specifications and connectors.
We strongly recommend that you let us ( confirm which panel/module is designed for your specific Asus laptop.

List of Asus LCD Screen Panel / Module

Asus LCD Screen Panel / Module Click here

3. LCD Back cover

The LCD back cover protects the LCD screen and usually has the brand logo – top of computer when it is closed. Note- In some of the ASUS models the different colors are NOT interchangeable.

List of Asus LCD Back cover

Asus LCD Back cover Click here

4. Hinge / Hinge cover

Laptop hinges connect the lid to the bottom case (chassis) of the laptop.
They allow you to open and close your laptop. LVDS cables (ribbons) connecting the graphics card and the screen are fed through the hinge assembly so please beware when you disassemble.

List of Asus hinge

Asus Hinge / Hinge cover Click here
Hinge Covers cover and protect the hinge

List of Asus hinge cover

Asus Hinge / Hinge cover Click here

5. LCD Inverter card / cable

Many LCD screens use a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp that requires an inverter which converts Direct Current (DC) power supply to Alternating Current (AC). They are widely used for backlights in Laptop LCD panels. (link shows both cable and cards)

List of Asus LCD Inverter card / cable

Asus LCD Inverter card / cable Click here

6. LVDS cable

LVDS cable is a Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) cable.
LVDS cables (ribbon) are custom made to interface between your LCD and Control / SBC or Embedded Mother Board.

List of Asus LVDS cable

Asus LVDS cable Click here

7. Webcam module

The camera is most likely built into your laptop but external webcams are also available. The module (card) is usually located in the bottom chassis with a connecting cable with the camera extending to the top (bezel) of your screen. The camera is sometimes sold as part of the LVDS cable connector set.

List of Asus webcam module

Asus Webcam module Click here

8. WiFi antenna

Wifi Antenna is an antenna used for Wireless communication

List of Asus WiFi antenna

Asus WiFi antenna Click here

9. Speaker

Internal speakers are usually assembled in the bottom chassis just above the Keyboard.

List of Asus speaker

Asus speaker Click here

10. Keyboard

Keyboard is presently the most used interface on your Laptop.

Be sure to select the keyboard that is made for your ASUS laptop.
You should also be aware that there are many types of keyboard layouts. Often people refer to the language and first six letters (left to right) on the top row of the keyboard to describe a layout (QWERTY, AZERTY); however, that is not enough.

For example, US QWERTY, UK QWERTY, and Canadian QWERTY are different. These differences are not great but when you are accustomed to a layout there can be a learning curve. Please make sure that you select the layout carefully. Similar differences exist between Spanish and Latin keyboard layouts.

List of Asus keyboard

Asus Keyboard Click here

List of Asus latin spanish keyboard

Asus latin keyboard Click here

11. Palm rest / Top case

Palm rest / Top case frames and holds keyboard in place

List of Asus palm rest / Top case

Asus bezel Palm rest / Top case Click here

12. Touchpad board

A touchpad is a device for controlling the pointer on the screen (like a mouse). A touchpad works by sensing the user's finger movement and pressure.

List of Asus touchpad board

Asus Touchpad board Click here

13. Touchpad mylar (TP Mylar)

Touchpad Mylar (TP Mylar) is actually a brand name. This is an adhesive film that covers and protects the touchpad. It comes in different colors to match your laptop. Beware of the different shades of colors…dare we say shades of grey.

List of Asus touchpad mylar

Asus Touchpad mylar (TP Mylar) Click here

14. CPU Fan / heatsink and VGA fan / heatsink

Fans draw cooler air into the case from the outside, expel warm air from inside the case.

The fans will often blow the air across heat sinks.
A heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that transfers the heat generated by the laptop to the air, where it is dissipated away from the device, which allows your Laptop to maintain the internal temperature at optimal levels.

Not all fan assemblies have a heat sink. Most high performance Laptops, like the ROG (Republic of Gamers) series, have 2 fans. One (1) for the CPU (Central Processing unit) the Main chip on the motherboard and Another (2) for the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

List of Asus CPU fan

Asus CPU fan Click here

List of Asus GPU fan

Asus GPU fan Click here

15. Wifi / Bluetooth board

Wifi /Bluetooth board allows you to connect to a wifi signal.

List of Asus Wifi / bluetooth board

Asus Wifi / Bluetooth board Click here

16. Battery

Battery supplies power to a device, enabling that device to work without a power cord.

17. Power cord / AC adapter / Charger

Charger is this is that darn thing you need to lug around to recharge your battery or to use your Laptop when your battery is dead. Sorry but chargers are not interchangeable.

First there is the obvious the connectors must match your Asus laptop. Second the plug must be adapted to the country you are in.

The most important thing, however, is that the number of watts the power supply provides is at least what is recommended for your Laptop. We strongly recommend that you replace any lost or damaged Charger with the original ASUS charger to avoid any damage to your laptop.

List of Asus charger

Asus Power cord / AC adapter / Charger Click here

18. Motherboard

Motherboard is a printed circuit board containing the principal components of your laptop such as the CPU and with connectors for other circuit boards and memory.

19. USB board

USB board is to allow you to connect to peripherals. Note you may need a USB internal connector cable depending on your model.

List of Asus USB board

Asus USB board Click here

20. Bottom case

The bottom part of the chassis – We should say the major part of the bottom of the chassis. Many models have a separate Battery cover and newer models also have a cover to access the RAM memory. You will also find some that come with connectors and speakers depending on the model.

List of Asus bottom case

Asus Bottom case Click here

21. HDD / SDD cover

HDD / ssd cover cover for your hard drive

List of Asus HDD / SSD cover

Asus HDD / SDD cover Click here

22. RAM cover

RAM cover is the door access cover to RAM memory (can be part of Bottom case)

List of Asus RAM cover

Asus RAM cover Click here

23. CPU

CPU (Central Processing Unit) It is the brains of the computer and is attached to the Motherboard. We do not recommend that you change the CPU without a certain degree of expertise.

24. RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) memory is not stored permanently but is used by the central processing unit (CPU) when a computer is running to store information that needs to be readily available. The rule of thumb is the more the better/faster. Again not all RAM cards are created equal. You need to know what type of RAM and how much RAM can be installed on your Laptop.

List of RAM memory

Asus RAM memory Click here

25. IO board - input / output board

IO board - input / output board is a card that allows data to be transferred to or from a computer. The IO boards shown below are for USB and have the sound controller incorporated.

List of Asus IO board

Asus IO board Click here

26. Power controller board / DC board

Power controller board / DC Board regulates the power supply

List of Asus power controller board

Asus Power controller board / DC board Click here

27. Hard disk - HDD / SSD

Hard disk (HDD / SSD) Storage memory - HDDs are cheaper and you can get more storage space for cheaper. SSDs (Solid State Drives) have no moving parts and are faster, lighter, more durable, and use less energy.

List of hard disk

Hard disk - HDD / SSD Click here

28. DVD reader / writer

DVD or Blue Ray reader / Writer

List of DVD reader / writer

DVD reader / writer Click here

29. Screw kit

Each laptop has specific size screws. We strongly recommend that you use the original ASUS screws that are sold in kits for your specific device.

List of Asus screw kit

Asus bezel Screw kit Click here

30. Rubber feet (skates)

Rubber feet are found on the bottom case. Some are sold separately and some are not. Beware the shapes may be similar but they are not easily interchangeable.

List of Asus rubber feet

Asus Rubber feet (skates) Click here

There are many parts that you may need for your laptop that are not listed here.
Remember, we at ASUS-ACCESSORIES are here to help. We have access to all available original ASUS parts.
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