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What are the best games for my ASUS Laptop, tablet and smartphone

The gaming world is vast with too many game titles to list. The key when selecting a game is to look for great games that will perform on the device you have and not on your dream machine. The best ASUS gaming laptops can play any game title. We are often asked, what are some great games that I can play on my Zenfone or on my ASUS laptop (that was purchased for school or work)?

The answer usually goes into details that you may not know about your device.

Summary of article:

Important laptop components for gaming

It’s worth learning what the important components in your computer are and how they can affect your game play. If you plan on playing a lot of different games and you don’t have the latest ASUS gaming laptop you might run into performance issues such as: lag, low frame rates, slow load times…

Asus Gaming devices

Before shopping for a game on your laptop – let’s review some of the important parts in your laptop and how they relate to game play in order of importance to gaming:

Graphics card – arguably the most important part for games
CPU – the central processing unit (i5, i7, i9) since it handles all of your computer’s operations
RAM – we recommend at least 8 GB for gaming. While you’re looking see if your RAM is upgradable.
Storage, Motherboard, Power Supply, Cooling – these items are important and aside from storage (SSD) you are limited by the original design of your laptop.
Screen, Monitor – The screen on your laptop will be limiting as to the quality of image but shouldn’t be too critical to gaming. If it becomes critical to you, you can always purchase an external ASUS monitor

The Asus Accessories team has listed the most important parts below explain in more detail how they will impact the performance during game play.

Graphics Card

Your graphics card is arguably the most important component of a gaming computer. Everything that is displayed on your computer screen comes directly from your dedicated graphics card or integrated graphics processor.

Graphics card for gaming

The graphic card or processor renders the image on your screen as directed by the CPU. A dedicated Graphics Card will handle some of the processing of the image such as image rotation/fine textures/anti-aliasing, freeing your CPU to more easily handle other processing activities needed during game play.

The dedicated graphics card will also have its own RAM where the integrated graphics card will use the system RAM. Ok enough tech talk…



The computer’s processor or CPU ( as important as your graphics card) runs the game, loads maps and backgrounds, processes the action , and takes the input instructions from your mouse and keyboard. The CPU calculates all of these things and transfers them to the graphics card so that it may display (render) them on your screen.

CPU for gaming

Every new generation of CPU is more powerful than the last. So for Intel i9 > i7 >i5

Memory (RAM)

RAM (Random Access Memory) is your system’s short-term data storage; it stores the information your computer is actively using so that it can be accessed quickly. Memory allows you to switch quickly between tasks, remembering where you are in one task when you switch to another task. As a rule, the more memory you have, the better.

RAM for gaming

Accessing information in RAM is a lot faster for the CPU than if it had to access the storage memory (Hard drive/SSD). More RAM is BETTER – We recommend at least 8 MB

Storage, Motherboard, Power Supply, Cooling

Storage memory is available as a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or as a Solid State Drive(SSD). This is long term storage where you keep your programs, documents, media files, etc. Your game library will be kept here.

SSD for gaming

Since, the storage drive is typically the slowest thing in the chain of events that make a game run you would like to have the fastest disk drive available or use an SSD. The CPU will need to access this storage memory for information it needs to run the game.

The Motherboard is the main printed circuit board (PCB) that allows, communication between many of the crucial electronic components of a system, such as the CPU, RAM, sound cards, video cards, network cards, hard drives, and it also provides connectors for other peripherals. It is the main board that your computer is built around.

ASUS is a pioneer and at the forefront of the development of Motherboards (SEE ARTICLE). Luckily, your ASUS motherboard will be the best available motherboard for that range of computers at the time of your purchase. Usually, the CPU, graphics card, RAM, and storage drives will be the limiting factor.
ASUS Motherboards are the best. Serious gamers will eventually want to overclock…just because.

Power Supply
Your ASUS computer hardware needs a reliable power supply. If your power supply doesn’t keep up with that demand you may experience sluggish performance of affected parts right up to catastrophic shut down….blue-screening!! Please make sure that the capacity of your power supply is sufficient for your computer.

Only use the appropriate ASUS power supply for your device.
If you need a replacement, help finding it or have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Cooling – Fans and ventilation
Heat is the most common enemy of your computer hardware. For Gaming it is crucial that your components do not run too hot, they can start to automatically wind back their speed in an effort to prevent them from overheating.

Cooling fans for gaming

Make sure you have enough ventilation and fans to keep your case cool.

Display Monitor
Of course, your monitor is important. The main factor which impacts gaming is the resolution of your screen or monitor (ex. 1920x1080 pixels).

Asus monitor for gaming

Your graphics card may not be able to process quickly enough at the top end resolution making for a very poor gaming experience. Luckily you can adjust the resolution.

Make sure your graphics card performance matches your display. The higher the resolution the more demands on your system.

Important components for gaming on my smartphone or tablet (android)

As will notice the components are similar to the laptop components just in a different order. Smartphones do not have a truly dedicated graphics card; if you have a high end phone you will have a high end CPU and GPU.

Display – resolution, pixels per inch, and panel type.
CPU – chipsets, cores, performance
RAM – the more the better
GPU – is integrated

Display - what are the different types?

There are three things you need to know about your Display: resolution, panel type and refresh rate.

Quad High Definition (QHD) = 2560x1440 pixels = 1440p = 2K
Television went straight to 4K so this may not be familiar to you.
Ultra-High Definition (UHD) = 3840x2160 pixels = 2160p = 4K

Pixels per Inch (PPI) is a number that is directly calculated from the size and resolution of a display. As a rule, a smaller sized display will have a higher PPI than a larger sized display at the same resolution. This is because the smaller the screen, the more pixels have to be packed into an surface area.

The higher the resolution the better.
What display type your phone or tablet uses can have a big effect on color reproduction and battery consumption.

Panel Type
The two principle types of screens:

IPS -In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Displays
AMOLED / OLED -Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode/Organic Light-Emitting Diode

AMOLED/OLED allow for per-pixel lighting. Each LED emits its own light and doesn’t require a backlight. These are the preferred types of screens. They are however more expensive to produce and have not yet completely replaced the IPS. These displays also use less energy since the individual pixel can be turned off.
AMOLED / OLED is better than IPS

Refresh rate
The refresh rate is a measure for the number of times a screens redraws an image. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). In simple terms, a higher refresh rate means lesser motion blur and considerably clearer image quality. Most smartphones today are equipped with 60Hz screens, irrespective of the price. High end smart phone refresh rates range from 90 - 120 Hz.
The higher the refresh rate the better


Most mobile chipsets use multi-core CPU’s. The most recent use Octa-core CPUs. However, the number of cores doesn’t necessarily translate to raw performance. Tablet and phone specs are typically shown with two different speed ratings (for example: 2.5GHz + 1.6 Ghz 64 bit Octa-Core)…don’t melt down it’s just a power saving concept. The newer devices use half of their cores at the same time. One set of cores runs easy tasks at lower speed to save battery life switching to higher power set when playing a game or another intensive task.
The more recent the chipset are BETTER

RAM -how much do you need?
Like for your laptop, the more RAM you have the better. Smart phones will start closing processes in the background when you start running out of RAM. This helps when you are playing a game but may not be enough to avoid issues. A mobile device's Graphics Processing Unit shares the same RAM as the rest of your phone.
AGAIN RAM More is better

GPU are integrated in cell phones
Integrated GPU - If you get a high-end CPU, you're going to get a high-end GPU.
The ASUS ROG phone uses 2.96GHz speed-binned Qualcomm® SDM845 with Adreno™ 630 GPU which is a gaming powerhouse.

Asus ROG Phone II

Games we suggest for a mid-range smart phone

Boris and the Dark Survival

Straight from the Bendy and the Ink Machine world comes Boris (the wolf) and the Dark Survival. You will need to survive the Ink Demon hunting Boris Joey Drew Studios.

Boris and the Dark Survival

Top down classic cartoon action animates your search for food, secrets and gather useful items. The setting is randomly generated keeps the game fresh game after game. If you like a little scare with your fun!!!!

Game Dev Tycoon

A great business simulation game about the game development industry…a bit like the old tycoon games.

Game Dev Tycoon

You will have to manage a game development company starting in the 1980’s. Develop new game design, manage your development team and grow your offices. Research, build new game engines and maximize productivity…to become the ultimate game developer.

Rest in Pieces

A twist on the endless runner game where you need to avoid obstacles. Hanging from a rope you have to swing from side to side to avoid getting hit.

Rest in Pieces

The game is not easy to master and the characters are great. You can unlock new skins for the characters and battle the Kraken or flee from Dracula…It’s a blast.

Call of Duty: Mobile

How could we not mention this franchise… Now playable on your smartphone! This free game features a host of multiplayer modes, including Battle Royale, and some familiar classic maps and characters from Call of Duty games.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Great graphics in a classic shooter game…customization, rankings and prizes will get you hooked…are you ready for battle!!

Madden NFL Mobile Football

If you love the NFL, you have played this game. You are the general manager and coach of an NFL team. You will build your team, call the plays, and score the touchdowns. The graphics are off the charts and you will get to pick from a wide selection of great players.

Madden NFL Mobile Football

You will have to play this online. This is a great game for your phone, but don’t expect this to be as elaborate as the console version…but hey you can play it anywhere.

Hades’ Star

Colonize planets, construct a fleet of spaceships, open trade routes, mine resources, research new technologies, battle aliens and explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. This space strategy game is one of the best out there.

Hades' Star

The multiplayer modes allow for cooperation during missions and other endeavors.. very cool game that works very well on ASUS Zenfone 7 but may be a bit slow on older phones.

Games for your ASUS ROG II gaming phone

These games require a high refresh rate. Of course, your ROG phone will have no problem taking advantage of these great titles. If you are lucky enough to have an ASUS ROG phone, every android game out there will run like silk on this device. It is a Republic of Gamers device!!!

Alto’s Odyssey (120 FPS)

You are taken on an adventure through truly beautiful landscapes. Easy to master one touch controls.

Alto's Odyssey (120 FPS)

Six different characters with unique abilities can be unlocked in the game. Check it out in Zen mode…enjoy the beauty.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (120 FPS)

If you love role playing games (RPG), you can’t go wrong with this title. Explore the dungeons, battle enemies, search for hidden items, …begin your quest for glory.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (120 FPS)

The game has straight forward controls and the graphics are good. You can battle others and show your worth.

Grimvalor (120 FPS)

Is a story driven hack and slash game with beautiful graphics. Explore the dungeons and beautiful landscapes while battling the enemy.

Grimvalor (120 FPS)

Easy straight forward controls will keep you playing this beautiful game.

Rules of Survival (120 FPS)

Rules of Survival (ROS) is the battle royale game on Android with an 8 X 8 km map on which 300 players battle for glory.

Rules of Survival (120 FPS)

Choose different weapons and use vehicles to get an advantage. In first or third person this game is addictive.

Shadowgun Legends (120 FPS)

Shadowgun Legends is a console-like gaming experience on mobile. With 700 different weapons to choose from and the ability to build a custom armor, campaign mode, PvP matches, team play, …

Shadowgun Legends (120 FPS)

This awesome game is free to play but you may want to purchase in-game items.

Gear.Club – True Racing

Customize your real-life hypercar in a ultra-realistic racing game.

Gear.Club – True Racing

You can race against friends or others in championships. The game is free to download.

Games we suggest for LAPTOPS with integrated graphics card

These laptops were purchased for work or school. They are extremely convenient, sleek light and can do everything you need but may struggle with some games. We suggest you try the games below and mix a little fun into your daily grind.

ASUS VivoBook S15 has discrete NVIDIA graphics and ergolift to improve cooling. This gorgeous 1.8 kg, 18mm thick beautifully designed laptop with its innovative Screenpad will accomplish all of the tasks you want. It is not designed for gaming but like they say…all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

In this list of our favorites, we’ve tried to blend a mixture of modern titles and a handful of older classics. If you’ve been gaming for a number of years, we strongly suggest Googling “best games of X,” to remind yourself what hidden gems you might have missed the first time around. A game that required a midrange PC to play in 2011 likely runs just fine on an integrated GPU today.

Battlefield 3

This is a very well-known first person shooter game and is an older version (AAA game in 2011) of a very well established franchise.

Battlefield 3

Set during the fictional “War of 2014” over a nine month period. The story is centered in the Persian gulf region, other locations include Paris and New York. You should be able to play this tittle for free.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is based on the Mutant Year Zero game.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

The post-apocalyptic setting recalls the best parts of Fallout, and while the game isn’t as deep; Mutant Year Zero gives you direct control of your squad outside of combat and fuses XCOM’s gameplay with some light RPG elements.

World of Warcraft Classic

This is a classic MMO tittle (massively multiplayer online game). There’s a lot to love in the original version of Blizzard’s classic.

World of Warcraft Classic

It uses a modern WoW engine, but Blizzard re-used original WoW’s textures and assets. The result is a game that runs just fine on Intel integrated graphics.

Arkham City and Arkham Asylum

Batman has a great bag of tricks and you can even play as Catwoman with distinct moves and attributes.

Arkham City and Arkham Asylum

You will love this series if you are a batman fan. Arkham City is the better of the two. However, Arkham Asylum will run on lower specs.

Into the Breach

Into the Breach was launched in 2018. Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy game that takes place on small maps of 8×8 grids.

Into the Breach

You will have to defeat attackers in combat without XCOM-style probability fields you get full transparency into what actions will be taken by both your character and your enemies.


Minecraft is a phenomenal crafting and building game. It has been used to create everything from 1:1 scale models of the starship Enterprise to functional (if simple) CPUs; and just recently, a model of the entire planet.


Minecraft is an easily accessible game with a rich crafting system, dangerous mobs, and huge worlds to explore. Without the constraints of a narrative and story, you are free to build whatever your imagination can conjure.

Games we suggest for GAMING LAPTOPS with dedicated graphics card

The possibilities are endless. The ASUS gaming laptops (ROG and TUF) are designed to do more than just play these games but to excel. We urge you to read our article on ASUS gaming laptops:

The list below is not exhaustive and if we have missed your favorite we apologize.

BLEEDING EDGE - From the studio behind Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice comes Bleeding Edge, a fast and frenetic 4v4 team brawler
HALF-LIFE: ALYX - virtual reality first-person shooter developed and published by Valve.
DOOM ETERNAL - Unleash Hell. The next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.
CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE - Free-to-play COD battle royale is here
CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4 - Finally, a decent CoD port on PC
WORLD OF WARCRAFT: BATTLE OF AZEROTH - The classic MMO looks better than ever.
FROSTPUNK - A heart-wrenching mix of strategy and survival
HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY - An enhanced remake of Halo: Combat Evolved.
DARKSIDERS GENESIS - A dungeon-crawling adventure in the Darksiders universe
NEED FOR SPEED HEAT - Ghost Games finally deliver their best current-gen racer
AGE OF WONDERS: PLANETFALL –One of the great strategy genres heads to the stars
FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS –This massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) franchise has been around since 2010 enough said.
FALLOUT 76 - The world of Fallout finally goes online
SKYRIM: The Elder Scrolls V is an action role-playing video game with endless challenge and adventure
THE WITCHER 3: Wild Hunt is a 2015 action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt

What about accessories ?

Asus ROG Accessories

The more you game the more you will come to realize that not all accessories are created equal. For instance, the mouse becomes a weapon that must be ergonomic, responsive and built for play. The external keyboard a sturdy battle axe. Check out our article on Republic of Gamers gear.


Our entire ASUS-Accessories team wishes you the best during these times. Perhaps, you will get a chance to play and share some quality time with the people close to you.

If you need any assistance or have any question about replacement parts or accessories for your ASUS device, please contact us at :
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