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GM50 ROG Mouse pad

GM50 ROG Mouse pad

P/N : 90XB01L0-BMP000
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Rigorously tested for comfort and durability

High quality material with low friction coating and Non-slip rubber base. The ROG GM50 mouse pad is built of a special-weave superior cloth with a lab-tested low-friction coat created to improve on the tracking capabilities of any optical or laser mouse. At 3.5mm thick, it is custom-made to be comfortable for gamers and also features a non-slip rubber base that secures it to any surface. The GM50 mouse pad features the typical ROG colors and an exclusive polygonal corner layout that avoids fraying. There is also a cable loop to make sure the mouse cables don’t get entangled in the heat of combat. A multi-layer anti-bacterial finish also helps eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.

GM 50:Stringently tested for comfort and durability

Dimensions: 15 x 11 x0.15 inches (380x280x3.5mm)
Weight: 5.64 oz (160gr)

GM50 : The perfect gaming mouse pad


The perfect gaming mouse pad is here for the sake of your sanity. With all the bases covered, from cable loop to the polygonal edges, the frustrations from using a mouse pad is over. The ROG GM50, now you have no excuses for not dominating!

Enhances mouse sensor accuracy and precision
A special-weave construction has paralleled grooves that increase mouse accuracy and precision.

Low friction surface
Use of superior cloth gives a low friction surface for smooth mouse control.

Created for long hours of gaming
Superior quality non-slip rubber bottom keeps the mouse pad in its place with a maximum anti-slip capability of up to 0.7 (pmax+Pmin)/W

ROG GM50 mouse pad


The ROG GM50's tracking is superbly enhanced by the textured surface for serious FPS and RTS gamers, and the mouse won't go flying off the pad either in the heat of combat, since it is very big. The GM50 also has a cable loop that keeps the cable out of the way, while not restricting movement. Red thread is used so that it features the ROG red and black color scheme. An anti-fray sewing method is used, with a density of 11pins/cm on both the upper and lower sections. A ROG wristband is bundled to roll up your pad after your seal your victory!

ROG GM50 Mouse Pad: Rubber and nonwoven fabric
Wrist Band: Silicone
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