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Sheath ROG Mouse pad

Sheath ROG Mouse pad

P/N : 90MP00K1-B0UA00
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ROG Sheath: EXTRA Massive!

Super Big red and black ROG Mouse Pad

The Set for the Greatest Combat!

The ROG Sheat mouse pad is created for your enjoyment and has a red rubber anti-grip bottom to sustain it. The tailored edges keeps it from coming apart and avoids deterioration. The extra-large is enhanced for all gaming mouse types.
The smooth touch surface is embellished with Maya illustrations which depicts the emblematic ROG eye, giving it an accurate control for all your moves. It exactly guarantees pixel-precise tracking for unmatched command and control. The ROG Sheath is created for your pleasure and has a non-slip ROG red rubber bottom that maintains it in place and has stitched edges to prevent fraying.

Extra big ROG Mouse Pad to fit both your gamer keyboard and mouse

Enormous Mouse Pad with Flawless Glide and Pinpoint Precision !

The big dimensions (35,4 x 17,32 x 0,12 inches) is great for both keyboard and mouse together on the same pad.

Asus ROG Sheath mouse pad makes it optimal for all gaming mouses with a slick surface to move your mouse to the smallest discrete component of an image. It has an elaborate-woven surface that's perfectly to assure a smooth glide for your gaming mouse.. In these times, nobody is having an identical control surface.

Flawless for precise mouse gliding

Insane Laboratory Tests

The ROG Sheath mouse pad has been subjected to damage resisting tests including a mouse gliding distance test of more than 155 mph and put to intense temperatures like -22° F and 140°F for 57 hours. The 1/8" inch thickness makes this certain padded surface a real gaming comfort.

Key Points

  • Stylish mouse pad with a woven surface designed for a smooth glide and pixel-precise control with all types of gaming mice
  • Massive 900 x 440 x 3mm dimensions, featuring a large ROG logo and Mayan-inspired detailing
  • Weighs 695g
  • Designed for long gaming stints — non-slip ROG-red rubber base and durable anti-fray stitched edges for "years of use".

Agressive and bold design for the gamers looking for style and quality

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