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Controller Board for Asus Tablet

Find a new tablet controller board

Your tablet controller board is about audio, USB connection or touch screen glass control. You will find here all the boards for the Asus EeePad, MemoPad or VivoTab.
Does your Asus touchpad have an issue with the Wi-Fi card (network card)? Has your charging connector stopped working? Does the touch screen not react to your demands? Is the jack not functioning or is restricted? Does the variety of ports of your tablet look inert?
This is for sure a problem with the controller card on your Asus tablet, regardless if it's a card that controls the touchpad, touch screen, sound, or touchpad USB connections of your Asus tablet. You should then also want to replace some controller cards to enhance the efficiency of your device.

If you have any inquiries, do not wait to get in touch with our team of Asus specialists to help you in your search and give you all the sound advice and details you demand. If you are looking into a tablet but are not quite sold, check out our article on the advantages of tablets!
In a process of continual enhancements and longevity of the items, you will also find in our online store all the Asus tablet accessories and replacement parts such as new cables, slabs, internal speakers, fans or even FFC connections to improve and upgrade your device or to refurbish its efficiency as when it was first bought.
The controller card lets your computer communicate with other equipment and in this manner manages the inputs/outputs, as well as the functionality of the device associated with it (USB keys, external hard disk, CD player, etc.).
Various explanations are possible regarding the power failure of this card, but mainly it has been broken as a result of a surge, and it is also possible that your card is in good condition but one or several ports do not work anymore.
Replacing only one port turns out to be a very fragile task because of the tiny welds, so it is much more feasible to replace the whole thing.

Which controller board will work for you

Being that Asus that first started out as a mainboard producer, this pioneer uses its expertise and efficiency knowledge to provide its consumers all the replacement parts and products to help with the repair and enhancement of its devices over time.
Asus Accessories provides for you on its online store the original Asus controller cards for all series of Asus tablets (Slider, Eee Slate, Memopad, Vivotab, Transformer Pad, Zenpad ...), brand new, 100% original, produced and certified by Asus.
The display touch screen interface cards, touchpad control cards with right-click and left-click are available with the appropriate connections for the connection layers (between tablet and dock), the ports control cards, fitted for example with the SD card reader, the micro SD port, the micro digital jack, the reset button or even the mini HD jack depending on the model of your device and its basic functions.
You can also discover the daughter cards with the charging connector and the touch sheet connection, audio daughter cards with the jack or the digital microphone connector, and headphones with plugs.
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