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Terra mini purple pack 12 inch

Terra mini purple pack 12 inch

P/N : 90-XB1F00AP00050
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12"inch Purple Terra Mini Carry Bag + Matching UT210 mouse: The Perfect Bundle

Carry bag withh all you need to make it easier to carry your device the way you want

The Terra Mini + matching mouse will make your life on the go much easier.

The PurpleTerra Mini Sleeve is a carry bag for Notebook, Netbook and 12" inches tablets.
It's made of thin nylon material, makes it perfect for travelling.
The size is also ideal for the EeePC models.
It is made of an EVA cushioned garment with honeycomb design that will protect your items from impacts.
This water resistant bag will let you carry your Notebook no matter whar the weather looks like.

Bundle includes a PurpleTerra Mini carry bag + matching mouse for 12" inch tablets, Netbooks and Notebooks.

The Smaller the Size, The Bigger the Charm!

Bundled on a cushioned travel sleeve and available in various colors to safeguard your 12" inch Notebook.
The charming Purple Terra Mini Bundle bag is a mini-sized style icon that retains much of the utility of it's bigger rivals. Appetizing color selection lets you pick the one you like– or just pick all of them! The Terra Mini was cautiously created to expand space so you can place more in a compact accessory that’s also highly dependable thanks to strict shock protection and water resistance. With the matching Mouse included, it will be all you need all in one place!


  • Color : Purple
  • Dimensions: 11.692 x 8.031 x 1.130 inches (297 x 204 x 28,7 mm)
  • Interior Pocket : 11.7 x 8 x 1.1 inches
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 0.41 lbs
  • Mouse: USB wired
The Terra Mini bundle has all the features from safety, comfortability and protection
The Terra Mini Bundles are available in various versions, Mini version, Bundle, or in a Slim version (larger dimensions) and comes in 3 different colors.
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