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ZenFone 2 screen protector

ZenFone 2 screen protector

P/N : 90XB00KA-BSC060
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ZENFONE 2 Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector : Protection at it's Best

Official ASUS Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for the ZenFone 2 ZE500CL is easy to put on or take off. This will protect your screen from fingerprints, dust, scratches and minimizes the abusive blue light levels by 20% to protect your eyes.The design is made to give you crips and bright views. It is perfect to increase the lifespan or your ASUS smartphone. It's recyclable self-adhesive posterior allows you to rearrange the screen easily to avoid air bubbles. Comes with DIY steps for easy and quick installment.

Protecting your eyes from harmful blue light

Screen Protector ZenFone ABL

Characteristics and Features

  • Reduces harmful blue light levels by 20% to protect your eyes.
  • Premium materials prevent scratches and fingerprint smudges.
  • Reusable self-adhesive back makes it easy to apply and adjust to prevent air bubbles.
  • Designed to give you bright and crisp visuals.
  • Perfectly tailored to protect and extend the life of your mobile device display.
  • DIY instructions sticker for easy installation.
  • Material: PET
  • Dimensions: 2.7" x 5.4" x 0.01 inches
  • Weight: 0.11 oz
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