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Burner for All-In-One Asus

The burner of your computer suddenly stop working ? Buy here a new one : DVD recorder, Blu Ray Burner or Blu Ray Reader...
Your Asus All-in-One desktop has become your loyal partner due to its amazing efficiency, ergonomics and many aspects. You also use it for all your recreational tasks (games, downloads, movie screenings, ..) that have become genuinely accurate thanks to its awesome audiovisual quality that gives you a complete engagement. But this amusement was detained when you experienced issues with the Asus DVD player.

Your CD player does not functione? The DVD player does not recognize or read the discs or reads them anymore? The play mode works randomly a lot? You have tested the burner and the PC with a cleaning disk with no results? The opening system has made your equipment unworkable? Your reader reads but does not want to burn? It's time to replace the DVD player of your computer!

Asus Accessories provides you in this segment all the official Asus DVD players and Blu-Ray players, to change the damaged one of your AIO.
You will discover the recorders appropriate with the complete collection of the computers All-in-One (Series A, Series ET20, Series V, Zen series, ..), 100% original and new, these products are certified and produced by Asus thus assuring you integrity and longevity of your device.
Notably, there are DVD combos that provide both the Blu-ray playback and DVD burning, as well as simple DVD burners for burning and playing DVDs even dual-layer DVDs or Blu-ray burners that play and burn Blu-Ray and DVD's performing the reading and burning of Blu-Ray and DVD.

All of our readers / writers come included with a SATA connection, and admits all the multi-format DVD to provide you with the broadest possible use.

Be cautious though, be aware that our recorders and readers are not supplied with screws or the plastic cover on the front; If you have lost them, search for the replacement parts and disassembly kit and covers on our online store.

Do not stress about replacing your reader / writer, our team of experts recommend all customers to make this repair themselves which is much more easier than what you think.
Don't forget to turn off your computer and unplug it from any power source before you start
- Take a Phillips screwdriver and a small flat-head screwdriver and put your screen face down, being careful to protect it with a towel for example
- At the four corners of the screen are small screws hidden under their cover, peel off the covers and using the Phillips screwdriver remove these four screws
- Open the CD player fully, you see a screw holding it in place in the computer frame, remove it
- Now gently remove the back cover surrounding the foot of your AIO and remove it, you find yourself facing new screws that must also remove and remove the foot
- Place the flat screwdriver between the back shell and the rest of your screen and leverage all the way round to unclog your shell
- Warning ! Before removing the frame lift slightly and you will see the FFC's connected (wide and flat wire), it is then disconnect them by unclipping the connectors now
- Your DVD player is then inside the back cover that you just removed, itself held by screws
- Remove the screws and proceed to the exchange between the faulty reader and the replacement one
- Repeat the steps to reverse your computer

Do you have inquiries or concerns about the installation or about your device? Get a hold of our team of Asus specialists who will give you all the essential details.
Benefit from your browsing by uncovering all the accessories for the AIO but also your other components such as keyboards, slabs or chargers.

Slim DVD recorder

Slim DVD recorder
Asus Notebook Slim DVD Recorder / Player This Mult-format DVD recorder / player model PANASONIC / UJ8C2SBAL2-W or UJ8C2SBAL1-W provides a SATA socket connectivity, supports dual-layer DVD's and has...
$ 89
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DVD recorder

DVD recorder
Asus Notebook Internal DVD Recorder / Player This Mult-format DVD recorder / player model PLDS / DS-8A3S provides a SATA socket connectivity, supports dual-layer DVD's and has a burning speed of 8X...
$ 115
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Blu Ray reader / DVD burner combo

Blu Ray reader / DVD burner combo
Asus Laptop Blu-Ray and DVD Recorder / Player Combo This combo model PANASONIC / UJ160ABAL-B with a burning speed of 6X / 6X / 8X6X / 5X / 0X / 0X is not provided with the screws nor the plastic...
$ 229
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