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Electronic Board for All-In-One Asus

Buy new electronic boards for your Asus All-in-One

A controller card is a hardware component that works as an interface between the motherboard and other computer components. It is a built-in component found in most computers. A controller card is installed in the computer's PCI slot and is integrated with the motherboard.
Discover here all the Asus All-in-One boards and controller cards you need for the E20, E22 or E23 matching connections.
As a high-tech company on top of the new computer trends, Asus created the All-in-One (AIO) series which integrate several components in one in an innovative design. You fell in love with this AIO desktop, because of its design, performance, its easy connectivity or amazing audiovisual quality. Whether you have selected it as a gaming device or for your business, the AIO series provides you with a lot of features in a tiny footprint thanks to these wireless devices.

If you are in need of a replacement, maybe the buttons stopped working... we can help!
Navigate through our site to discover all the AIO accessories, as well as many replacement parts for the All-in-One, such as cables, screens, fans or chargers.

How to replace your board

Asus Accessories provides you in this site the official controller cards, compatible with the complete range of AIO desktop computers (E20, E22 or E23); brand new, 100% original, produced and certified by Asus to guarantee quality and longevity of your purchases.
Available in our online store are the power controller cards (daughter board) fitted with the power button, volume buttons and settings for lighting your screen. Also, you will find other controller card fitted only with the buttons you want to replace.
Are you wondering how to proceed, or who could assist you to replace the controller card once you receive it?
No worries, you will be able to replace this item yourself, even if you are not an IT professional! Don't forget to turn off your computer and unplug it from any power source before you start.
Here are some easy steps to guide you during this:
- Have a Phillips screwdriver and a small flat-head screwdriver
- Place your AiO with the screen face down, being careful to protect it, with a towel for example
- At the four corners of the screen are small screws hidden under small covers. Pull these covers off and remove these four screws using  screwdriver.
- Now open the disc drive, once fully open you see a screw holding it in place in the frame of the computer, remove it
- Do the same on the other side if your computer has a connector cover, for example
- Now gently remove the back cover surrounding the foot of your AIO and remove it, this will uncover new screws that must also be removed, then remove the foot
- Place the flat screwdriver in the gap between the back cover and the rest of your screen and turn to gently pry and dislodge your back cover
- Warning ! Before removing the case, lift slightly, and you will see the FFC's connected (wide and flat wire), you need to disconnect them by unclipping the connectors at this point
- You are now facing the internal chassis of the computer, whether it is the power controller board or the one for the additional buttons, each is aligned with its corresponding buttons on the surface of the front hull. Now you just have to disconnect the various cables or FFC's connected to these cards and replace them with the new ones.
- Repeat the steps in the opposite direction to reassemble your computer, while being careful to reconnect all the FFC's and cables previously disconnected.
Do you have questions or doubts regarding the part to replace or how to handle its installation? Do not hesitate to contact our team of Asus experts, who will gladly assist you and offer you all the recommendations and information you require.
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