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Fan for Asus All-in-One

Find here a new fan for your Asus All-in-One

Does your All-in-One computer too hot to use? Don't worry, you can shop here for all the Asus original cooling fans and heat sinks you need to keep your All-in-One on the cool side.
For your All-in-One computers to work accordingly and for a long time, they must have an effective fan. For sure, numerous parts and items of your computer give off heat during their operation (processor for example) and it is essential to extract it, to prevent overheating and damage. This is where the cooling system comes in by pushing fresh air into the inside of the computer, while evacuating the hot air like with an extraction duct.
As expected, these are important parts for the correct operation and need regular maintenance, which is rarely performed, causing typical malfunctions brought by overheating since your fan is not operating anymore.

Discover here also on our online store, all the AIO accessories and all the replacement parts, such as the Wi-Fi antennas, the memory strips, the cables, the chargers, or the controller cards. Also, we have a wide selection of educational articles about Asus tech that you shoudl check out such as gaming trends of 2022!

How to replace the fan in your Asus device

Asus Accessories offers genuine fans and heat extraction systems, appropriate with the complete series of the All-in-One desktops (A-series, ET20 series, P-series, ET27 series, V-series ...), all 100% genuine, produced and certified by Asus. Here, you will discover all the Asus cooling fans, does not include the heat sinks, to replace your damaged part and obtain back the total use of your computer completely refurbished!
To guide you through the whole process of your parts replacement, our team provides easy steps to fix this on your own.
Before you start, turn off your computer, unplug it from any power source, and have a Phillips screwdriver and a small flat-tip screwdriver on hand:
- Place your screen face down, taking care to protect it from scratches
- At the four back corners of the screen are screws hidden under their cover, pull off the covers and remove these four screws
- Open the disc drive fully, remove the screw securing it to the computer frame
- Now gently remove the back cover surrounding the foot of your AIO and remove it, to uncover new screws that must also be removed. Then remove the foot
- Place the flat screwdriver between the back shell and the rest of your device and turn to pry the frame open.
- Warning! Before removing the frame, lift slowly and carefully, and watch for connected ribbon cables (wide and flat wire), and then disconnect them by unclipping the connectors at this time
- The fan is now accessible, remove the screws, unplug the cables and the flat cable connected to the ventilation system and remove it
- Place your new fan, making sure to reconnect everything, then reverse the steps to reassemble your computer
You want to be sure you are selecting the proper part, or need advice on its installation? Get a hold of our team of Asus specialists who is always available to provide accurate and professional recommendations. To guarantee your complete satisfaction and success of your repair, we also supply the Asus dismantling kit which can be used for all the Asus products.
Don't forget that for the proper maintenance of your device and the fan of your computer, you should regularly use a simple vacuum cleaner or air spray to clear away the dust and other dirt clogging your ventilation system.
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