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LCD Panel for Asus All-in-One

Buy a new LCD Panel for your AiO

At Asus Accessories we have a wide selection of original Asus replacement LCD Panels for your Asus All-In-One, at the best low prices. Don't spend a lot of money buying a new computer or having it repaired. We have all you need to repair your laptop/AiO faster and cheaper.
Change your LCD panel or touch screen glass of your Asus All-in-One with all the available replacement parts. You will find compatible items for the Asus EeeTop.
You love your All-in-One computer from Asus: it's easy to use, simple to install, and you can rely on it. Also, you can rest assured that you take advantage from the always improving Asus technology, which continuously enhances efficiency and possibilities over time. But now, for some time your screen does not function well, and after some testing, you have noticed that the malfunction was caused by the LCD panel of your desktop computer?
Several scenarios could have led to the issue on your Asus desktop computer: broken or cracked screen after a fall or a significant impact, or all of a sudden the backlight does not work correctly or at all, or you observe the deterioration of the pixels of your screen, hindering the readability, contrast or sharpness of the screen.

You will also find here on our online store all the accessories for the AIO series, as well as many parts including various cables, bezels or the power connectors.

Which LCD panel will work for you

Asus Accessories will give you all the new Asus panels, for all the models and all series of the AIO category(Zen AiO ZN242, Zen Aio Pro, Zen Aio V241, ET2702) certified and produced by Asus.
Here you will discover several sizes of panels: 20 inches, 21.5 inches, 23 inches; but also the touch screen or full-screen modules according to your requirements and the type of fault of your computer screen. The panels are fitted with LED backlighting or a bright Full HD LED display; and some panels are sold with their FFC's.
You will find here all the replacement parts and accessories for the Asus EeeTop, but also a tool kit that is available on our site to facilitate the replacement of the panel of your Asus AIO, which can also be handy for any other repair or upgrade of your device.
You have verified with a professional and the charges are very expensive? Even if it is only for labor, since you are providing the parts ? The replacement of your screen may look impossible for a novice, but you can usually replace the panel yourself without too much complication.
To empower you to do this, we provide you below with a procedure to change the screen of your desktop. You will need a screwdriver, a flat screwdriver and some tape
- As always, before any maintenance, turn off your computer and unplug the power cord
- Using the flat screwdriver, gently unclip the front bezel of the screen and then continue to release it with your fingers, going around the entire screen, and then remove all the screws securing the panel to the rear base
- You now have access to the connector cable connected to the panel, which is often secured by a piece of adhesive tape
- Carefully peel off this tape, on the part connected to the screen side
- Position the new panel in place by sticking a new tape in the same place, then you just have to reassemble by following the steps above in reverse order.
For more questions or concerns about the panel to select, or the procedure to change it, you can contact our team of Asus experts who will assist you in your purchase, and respond to all of your inquiries.
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