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Why Asus ROG Phones Reign Supreme for Gaming

Why Asus ROG Phones Reign Supreme for Gaming

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In the market for a new gaming smartphone?

Look no further than the Asus ROG Phone 3 and the Strix model. The experts at Asus have really outdone themselves and truly thought of every detail to create the best gaming experience. From super-fast processing, to the very feel of the phone in your hands, no other gaming phone comes close...

...Keep reading and get to know the specs of this powerful gaming device.

First let’s talk about the insanity of the Qualcomm®️ Snapdragon™ 856 processor. It’s one of the most advanced processors in the industry, 25% faster than the previous model due to multi-core CPUs which result in incredible graphics and power efficiency.

Qualcomm®️ Snapdragon™ 856 processor

This, combined with the massive 6000 mAh battery allow nine straight hours of game time on a single charge. For more casual users, this smartphone can last multiple days on one charge and custom battery modes make the battery lifespan even longer.

Asus ROG Phone massive 6000 mAh battery

One issue that comes up often for hardcore gamers is the phone overheating. You can forget this problem altogether with the ROG Phone, thanks to the innovative GameCool 3 cooling system. During maximum use, the advanced heat sink pulls heat from the graphics card for super-smooth gaming and never sacrifices performance to cool the phone down. With heat dissipating this quickly, you get perfect control and a unique edge on your competitors.

Asus ROG Phone GameCool 3 cooling system

To be fully immersed in any gaming experience, the audio and visual elements must be on point. Visually stunning, the ROG Phone features a Delta-E value of less than 1. Delta-E levels indicate the difference between the color that is displayed on your screen versus the original color standard so the smaller the difference, the more accurate the color.

Asus ROG Phone AMOLED display

Along with the incredible color accuracy, this phone’s AMOLED display can run at 144Hz which makes a huge difference in response time. This technology gives razor sharp precision and allows the touch latency to be a mere 25 milliseconds, ensuring you dominate opponents.

Asus ROG Phone Dirac audio optimization

As far as sound quality, Asus went above and beyond utilizing state-of-the-art Dirac audio optimization. During Game Mode, extra magnets direct the sound through the phones dual front-facing speakers using a specially designed algorithm to give you the advantage in game.

A new feature that makes this device really exceptional is the AirTrigger 3. It consists of customizable, ultrasonic pressure sensors on each side of the ROG Phone 3 for incredibly intelligent gaming. It's easy to tell this phone was made by a team of people who are passionate about gaming, and it shows in each detail.

Asus ROG Phone AirTrigger 3

With all these incredible built-in features, it's hard to imagine what else the ROG Phone could offer. That's when the accessories come in.

Firstly, all that hardware is going to need some serious protection and the designers here really considered every aspect of the Lighting Armor Case.

Asus ROG Phone Accessories

This case not only fully protects your phone, it does it in style with a customizable dot matrix light design that can sync up to your device. The case doesn't just stay out of the way, it actually enhances your entire gaming experience. One other accessory that has to be mentioned is the TwinView Dock 3. Never again struggle with live-streaming or group communication, this accessory provides a true dual-screen gaming experience with a matching 144Hz refresh rate.
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