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Stands for Asus screen

Buy a new Asus screen stand here!

Your Asus screen is no longer stable, the stand was damaged during a move? It is urgent to replace the stand of your Asus screen as soon as possible before it gets damaged even more. The stand, like the base, is an essential part for the good maintenance of your Asus screen, and it is easy to replace it.
Do you have questions or concerns regarding your screen stand? Our service team of Asus experts will answer all your inquiries by email and offer you professional suggestions. In addition, we guarantee quick delivery to immediately reply to any urgent demands.
Also find here on our online store all the screen chargers, new bases or other spare parts to have your screen back as it was and build as the original product.

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Which screen stand to get for your model

Discover all the variety of Asus screen stands for the Asus display, regardless of what screen's model you own... from 17 inch monitors to 43 inch monitors.
Asus Accessories offers you, through its wide choice of Asus products, to find the perfect stand for your Asus screen and repair it at the best price while maintaining the quality of Asus products.
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