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Desktop Chassis

Find replacement external plastics for the Asus tower

It may be that your office tower has fallen and that its plastics have cracked or broken, or that it has been positioned next to a hot object and that the hood of your Asus tower has melted. Essential to the protection of all its components, you must quickly replace the damaged hull.

Asus Accessories offers you in this page new 100% original Asus plastics, compatible with the various series. In particular, there are right covers, left covers and internal frames to restore the protection of your damaged tower. These Asus boxes offer beautiful finishes in terms of backlight associated with quality materials; they are sold with the LED cable, anti-slip pads, ignition buttons or Wi-Fi antennas according to their locations.

You will find, among other things, covers for towers compatible with the ROG G20 tower or the M32 tower.

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Why Asus Accessories has the best options for you

Certified and manufactured by Asus, our Asus official chassis ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment.

Do you have questions or need additional information to choose the ideal chassis for your Asus tower? Contact our team of Asus specialists, at your disposal to accompany you in each of your purchases and repairs.

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