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SIM Tray for Asus ZenFone

Find a new sim card tray for your ZenFone

Have you damaged your ZenFone sim card tray? Get a brand new one here with our broad selection of ZenFone 2 and ZenFone 3.
You purchased an Asus smartphone (Zenfone Max, Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone Deluxe, Zenfone 3) because you were desperate to have in a smartphone the ability and efficiency in regard to value, modernization and longevity found in the other items of this producer popular for its amazing computer knowledge.
But it results that you are experiencing a problem with the SIM card reader of your smartphone, hence inhibiting you from using it.
Several scenarios are then possible and common:
- Misplaced the SIM card?
- You wanted to insert your SIM card into your smartphone, but you broke one of the small branches of the SIM cardholder making it unusable?
- Your Asus phone no longer recognizes your SIM? You have tested with another Nano Sim in both locations, cleaned the potential dust and turned on your smartphone, but the result is not positive?
- Does your Zenfone no longer detect your SD card or call it unreadable?
In other terms, you won't be able to use your Zenfone and you are searching for a faster result?
Your SIM card slot is then impaired or has been defective after a slip, for example, so you will need to purchase a new SIM cardholder!
Do you have concerns about the compatibility between a SIM card slot and your phone? You want to buy a Zenfone bundle, but you have a special request? Our team of experts is at your side to recommend to you the best throughout your browsing.

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Why Asus Accessories has the best parts for you?

Asus Accessories lets you find in this segment the complete collection of SIM cardholders for the Zenfone, 100% original, certified and produced by Asus, so that you can get the exact part that you misplaced, damaged or is not working.
You can view all the colors offered for the Zenfone so that the new part has the layout of your Asus smartphone.
We offer diverse models of SIM card slot holders to meet all your demands, including your basic carriers with a single slot for the Nano card.
You can also discover more advanced SIM card readers, like a holder with a double slot for the SIM card and the SD card, and also a SIM card reader with 3 slots: 2 Nano Sim holders and an SD cardholder to provide you 3 times more capabilities based on the model of your Zenfone.
Don't be concerned about the criticality of your need, we guarantee you a quick delivery so that you can immediately use your smartphone Asus in its totality.
Warning ! Unlike other small repairs or changes of spare parts, the change of the SIM card reader is very delicate to make for any amateur person. Therefore, this repair requires a technique of micro-welding where the technical knowledge, the expertise and the precision are unavoidable. We advise you to have this modification done by a professional, otherwise you will damage your Nano Sim support or worsen the adjacent components, which will cause the breakdown of your phone …
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