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Spare Parts for Asus ZenWatch

Replacements parts for Asus ZenWatch

The ASUS ZenWatch is a beautifully designed watch, which is a perfect complement to an Android smartphone to enhance its functionality, and provide important and useful information. There are 4 different models, for women and for men : WI500Q, WI501Q Sparrow, WI502Q Wren and WI503Q. We sell all the accessories for the ZenWatch : cable, watchstrap, module, battery... We offer the best prices on genuine parts and accessories, and quick express shipping.

Your Asus ZenWatch is no longer working optimally? Change its battery for a brand-new one and get back to the autonomy you once had.

Zenwatch watches are very stylish, beautiful, exquisitely made connected watches. These smartwatches use the Android Wear standard developed in partnership with Google and lets you receive emails, SMS and provide other call features. They include a new fast charging technology, which allows you to keep your device connected to your wrist for longer periods of time.

Our website Asus Accessories provides chargers for your watch, wristbands of various colors (black, brown, beige) and in several materials (metal and leather) to make you feel like you are wearing a different watch every day, as well as quality parts and components that will allow you to fix your ZenWatch at a lower cost and in no time, for example you can change the screen if the glass of your watch was cracked, replace the battery if it does not work as needed.

The latest addition to the Asus line is the ZenWatch 3, which combines beauty, (purity, perfection and precision) with quality (designed in stainless steel), and is IP67 certified which makes it waterproof at a depth of 1 meter. Thanks to the new fast charging technology, you can keep your watch on your wrist for longer and stay connected, so you do not miss anything. You will be able to use Google Maps as well as many other services straight from the device on your wrist.

Our online store provides additional removable bracelet straps in Italian leather stitched (traditional manufacturing) in brown, beige or black so that your watch matches with your daily outfit. These bracelets can be removed and changed easily.
The Zenwatch is a luxurious gift to give to a friend and has a major advantage: its price is less expensive (around $250) compared to other connected watches on the market (between $300 and $400).
We want to help by providing all the replacement parts you need to fix the little gem of technology that you proudly wear on your wrist.
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