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EeePC DC Power

DC power for Asus EeePC
Are you experiencing a charging issue, or you see your EeePC's charging light blinking as if there is a loose contact in your charger? You may have an issue with your DC Power connector... and you just arrived at the right place!
You have been enjoying your EeePC for as long as you can remember. This loyal companion enabled you to work and have some Internet fun while on the road, but now it won't charge at all, or will not charge consistently, and you cannot rely on it as much as you used to. Its battery has only charged by a few percents overnight, and it won't last the day despite its power saving capabilities. You now have to change the DC Power Connector to be able to use your EeePC again!
To help you select the proper part, you can use our meta configurator which will filter through our thousands of items and only display the spare parts compatible with your own Asus system. All you need to do is to select the type of EeePC you need, including series and model, and voilà! No more guesswork or having to send back the part you ordered because it does not fit your system.

If we can help you select or install your DC Power Connector, please contact our customer service team, who will be glad to assist and guide you through your doubts! Click here to contact us now!
On our website you will only find genuine Asus parts, designed, manufactured and quality controlled by Asus, so rest assured that you will not have any bad surprise when it comes to the performance or fit of the component after it arrives.
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