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All you need to repair your EeePc is online in our shop : chargers, keyboards, fans, accessories....You can order here at the best prices !
If you are searching for the best Asus EeePc accessories and parts, this is the right spot to be at.Actually, you can purchase on our website keyboards, batteries, adapters, LCD panels, fans, etc...
Laptops have been in fashion for various years and more and more users who are new to computer rechnology have already taken the attempt to uncover this new era of devices based on modernization, simplicity of handling or adaptability.

In a generation where portability and travel are vital, Asus has developed the EeePc, bringing together lightness, simplified manipulation, affordability and sleek design. devoted to users and to its numerous uses, it can also be fitted for newcomers, for a home office use or for a itinerant individual wanting a device that is simple to get around with.
This mini-computer comes included with its keyboard, a touchpad, a webcam and fantastic connectivity in order to bring ergonomics and ease of use for all, thanks to the tools and software that are very intuitive and already equipped in the computer.

If you are here, then you are part of the owners of this type of EPC, its models and its series (1008, T101, 7011, R105 ...).
Two possibilities for your search are then available: either some replacement parts or accessories are impaired and you want to fix or replace them, or the system has become delayed due to long periods of use and you want to provide it a second chance by enhancing its system to make it more effective and especially quicker thanks to the new parts.

Asus Accessories then offers a broad collection of products to supply you with the greatest accessories for your EeePc. You will then be able to order all the Asus accessories on our online store, such as keyboards, batteries, chargere, fans. touchpads, 3G keys, top cases, bios batteries etc.

You will also find all your bottom cases, brackest, various cables, controller boards power connectors, hinges, LCD bezels, top cases, and all other parts that can better your installation.
You will be able to rebuild from scratch your computer according to your beliefs, your aspirations and your requests to give it a second chance and improve your working comfort while removing its problems of sluggish operations.

Our service team is at your disposal to answer your various questions about the replacement of the parts of your device, or to advise you as to the improvements to be made to it. To help you make the right choice and to be sure of the compatibility between your computer and the accessories ordered, our online meta configurator will guide you by indicating only the parts appropriate to your computer; to do it will be enough for it to specify the type of device which you hold as well as its series.

We offer for sale only new parts, certified and produced by Asus and all guaranteed minimum of 3 months to guarantee professionalism, dependability of accessories and longevity of your computer.

Also find on our online store other accessories for your device, such as headphones or all the protections necessary for its safety during all of your travels.
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