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Fan for Asus EeePC

Your Asus EeePC is very compact and with so many components crammed into such a little space, it is hard to keep it cool, this is why the cooling system is extremely important to make sure that your device functions at its optimal speed, and also to avoid permanent damage to core components of your system due to overheating. Here, you will find the cooling fans, heatsinks, and other components you may need for your Asus EeePC to keep it's cool.
Most of the components inside your tiny EeePC give off heat, and it has to go somewhere, this is why you have components such as the CPU fan to push the excessive heat out of the system and bring fresh air in. Like your brain, it won't work well above a certain temperature. The cooling system is often the unsung hero, and you don't even think about it until it fails and starts causing issues with your Asus EeePC. However, it is crucial to keep it going and provide appropriate maintenance, as it will get clogged with dust and dirt as you use it every day and under whatever conditions you may find on the road.

Overheating can cause unexpected shutdowns, loud fan noises, or a burning sensation on your laps while holding it... Or maybe the air coming out of your Asus EeePC is excessively hot, even after using a can of compressed air in an attempt to clean the dust accumulated in the air ducts. In any case, if you suspect your cooling fan is not performing as it should, stop using your device! Excessive or even moderate use under these conditions can cause permanent damage to critical system components.
Asus Accessories offers genuine Asus-produced fans and heat extraction systems, compatible with all EeePC models, from the 7 through 12 series to the M, R, S, T, V, X series. Get your Asus EeePC back to full operation and avoid more critical issues which could cause a total loss of your device!
Do you want to make sure that you are selecting the proper part? Do you need advice on how to install it on your device? Our team of Asus specialists is always available to answers your questions and clarify any doubt you may have. Click here to contact us now! May we also suggest the Asus dismantling kit to help you, you can use it for all the Asus products. 
As a preventive maintenance of your cleaning system, you can also use a simple vacuum cleaner or compressed air can to clear away the dust from your cooling system.
Take advantage of your time on this online store to check out some of our EeePC accessories and replacement parts, for example the memory modules, the charger, the hinge cover, the screen, or the covers.
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