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FFC for Asus EeePC

FFC for Asus EeePC

How long have you had your Asus EeePC? It seems like you have had it forever, and you have made it a habit to carry it everywhere with you. It is in your bag, ready to be used for work, to watch a movie, play a game, or connect to the Internet. You have learned to depend on it over the months or years, and use it daily. However, your flat flexible cable (FFC for short), also called ribbon cable, multi planar cable, or simply flat cable, has become damaged or is malfunctioning. This part occupies a critical function within your computer, as it enables the transmission of information between the different electronic boards, and also other components (Motherboard, controller board, screen, touchpad, etc.).

This ribbon cable includes several conductors, arranged in a flat configuration which makes it look like a ribbon (hence the names ribbon cable or flat cable). They are perfectly adapted to fit the usual connectors on the electronic boards, and can transmit a lot of information, very quickly! However, they are fragile and are not meant to be bent back and forth repeatedly, or folded tightly. This would break the conductive wires inside the cable, and could cause loss of information, or complete communication failures between your computer's components. In practice this means your computer will often crash, or maybe certain components will not work properly, for example your Wi-Fi board or your LCD screen. The Asus Notebook FFC cable connects components to the motherboard. It can be damaged for several reasons. A cable can have between 6 and 40
pins/conductors, like for example the touchpad cable (30-Pin), power cable (6-Pin) or HDD cable (30-Pin).

These FFCs are virtually impossible to fix, and it is actually not even worth the hassle of trying to repair this part, because you can find a perfect replacement for it right here! Actually, more than a replacement, it is going to be the same cable you had, or an upgraded cable created specifically to fulfill its role inside your EeePC. This replacement cable will also be made by Asus, the company who designed and manufactured your laptop. They know what they are doing after more than 30 years of being on the leading edge of technology, and pushing the envelope themselves! We get all our replacement parts directly from the original manufacturer Asus, which enables us to confidently stand behind our products' fitness, quality and durability, and back up your purchases with a 3-month warranty, In addition, this direct relationship enables us to provide excellent pricing!

In case you need help to identify the components compatible with your particular Asus device(s), feel free to use our Meta-Configurator to filter through our thousands of products and focus only on the parts that may be useful to fix or upgrade your computer. We have made it easy for you: just select the type of computer, its series, the model, and then press Search. If you need any kind of assistance, for example to seek additional information not available on the website, to make sure that you select the proper part, or to get help with the installation of a part you purchased from us, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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