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Hinge Cover for Asus EeePC

Hinge cover for Asus EeePC

What a wonderful experience you have had with your valiant Asus EeePC! You have grown used to Its portability, autonomy and ease of use which is second to none. However, it does not look as good as new anymore, because it is missing a hinge cover, or one of the hinge covers was damaged. This may have been caused by a fall, or using too much force when opening or closing your netbook's screen. Or maybe the hinge broke and damaged the hinge cover as well? Fret not, we are here to help!
Asus Accessories has all the components you need to get your laptop looking as good as when you first laid eyes on it. Hinge, hinge covers, LCD panel, bottom casing, etc. You name it we have it! Not only are our prices very competitive, but we carry the real deal! Genuine Asus parts and accessories backed up by a warranty for your entire satisfaction. Produced and certified by Asus, our components are guaranteed to fit and perform as well as, or better than, the original part!
Also, our extensive parts inventory covers many Asus EeePC models. for example the 1005 or 1215 model. We have parts for your M. R, S, T, V, X, 7, 9 10 11 12-series EeePC... which one do you have? And if there is any doubt in your mind over which part is right for you, you can contact our customer service team who will be happy to help whenever you need, so that you can feel confident you made the right choice. Click here to contact us now!
You can also use our meta configurator to view only the items which are compatible with your Asus EeePC. It's easy! Just select your device type, series, and model, and we will comb through our thousands of items and display only the ones which will be a perfect fit for your Asus device! Try it now, you won't be disappointed.

Finally, why don't you treat yourself and your faithful EeePC to a nice accessory? Maybe some memory, an extra power adapter/charger that you can keep at home or at the office, so you don't have to keep lugging yours everywhere you go... Check out also our colorful covers, keyboards, mice and more!
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