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Keyboard for Asus EeePC

Keyboard for Asus EeePC

The keyboard is one of the main ways for you to interact with your EeePC. If yours is broken or malfunctioning you arrived at the right place! Among the many Asus accessories available on our online shop, you can order a compatible keyboard for your Asus EeePc and get it back to full operation. In particular, we have replacement keyboards for the 1101, 700, R104 and R251 series.

Do you have a stuck key? Or you have to press hard to write one of the letters/numbers? It is so annoying to deal with these issues that you may have resorted to plugging an external keyboard into your laptop just to get things done... Have you been lugging this long keyboard which may even take more space than your EeePC? Enough is enough, time has come to properly resolve the issue. Maybe you spilled some liquid on your keyboard and even though your Asus EeePC seems to be working otherwise, you cannot log in because it is impossible to enter your password... No matter the issue, we are here to assist you!

Our components are all manufactured by Asus with the same attention to detail they used when making your EeePC, so you can rest assured that you will get the same level of reliability, performance, and that it will be a perfect fit for your device. We are so certain you will be satisfied, we back up all our products with a 3-month warranty.

At Asus Accessories, we strive to make your life easier, and have developed a meta configurator where you can select your device type, series, and model, in order to filter through our thousands of items and pinpoint only the ones that will fit your particular device. Also, if you have a specific question, our customer support team is here standing by to provide you with any assistance you may need during your selection and purchasing process, but also during the installation of your component. Click here to contact us now!

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