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LCD Bezel for Asus EeePC

LCD Bezel pour Asus EeePC

Over the months or years, your Asus EeePC has become your best traveling companion, helping you work, play or access entertainment on the go. Its small size and amazing connectivity, coupled with its compact size, made it as essential as your cell phone. But alas, in moving it, it slipped out of your hands and you let it fall. The plastic frame around the screen is now broken, but since the netbook is still working, you don't see the need to buy a brand new one. Plus, all of your data is there and you spent time customizing it to match your needs perfectly, so restarting from scratch would be a problem.

The plastic frame around the screen is called the LCD Bezel. It helps to hold all the components together, protect your screen from physical damage from shocks, drops, scratches, and other mechanical strain, especially in the very sensitive corners of your LCD panel. Also, it serves as a shield against dust, moisture, and other contaminants that may get in your computer and cause further damage.  on this page you can find a replacement for it, if it is damaged or broken on your Asus EeePC. Maybe your laptop fell and the bezel cracked, or it got displaced and some plastic positioning tabs are bent or broken, so it does not fit anymore. No matter what brought you here, if you need an LCD Bezel for your Asus EeePC, we can help!

All our parts are genuine Asus parts, manufactured by the same manufacturer as your original netbook, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality component, made especially for your device, and produced with the same attention to details Asus used to manufacture your beloved EeePC. This guarantees durability, performance, and a perfect fit! We are so sure of the quality of our items, we back each component with a 3-month warranty.

In our store, you will find the LCD Bezel for models 1001, 1005, R051 and a lot of other Asus EeePC's. There are also different colors available to match your current laptop's color, or add some contrast to its design!

Changing the part is fairly easy, and you should be able to pry the damaged bezel from the computer using a flat screwdriver, and then install the new part by carefully pushing it until it clips into place.

As always, we are always available to assist you with any doubt or question you may have, during the selection of your part, for general questions about the best way to upgrade your equipment, or during its installation. Click here to contact us now!

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