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Asus EeePc LCd Panel

You love your Asus EeePC. There are many reasons for it, but it is likely related to its ease of use, portability, and connectivity. Its impressive battery life also enables you to enjoy it over extended periods of time! But one of the main features and benefits you have found in using your laptop has been the high resolution, sharpness, and bright colors of its beautiful display! You have enjoyed these nice characteristics to the full extent while travelling, to work, browse the internet, or watch movies. However, the fact that you have arrived here on this page indicates that your fun may have come to a sudden halt because your screen is broken or malfunctioning.
The LCD panel of your EeePC is one of its most delicate components, and it is obviously extremely important to properly use the laptop... If your LCD panel, sometimes referred to as the screen or display panel, is damaged, even partially, it usually affects the usability of your netbook in a drastic way! Your display panel could have been damaged in a number of ways: maybe your EeePC fell or was closed while an object was between the keyboard and the screen, or your cat scratched it... There are other reasons for it to fail, which could be caused by many opening and closing of the top cover, or even with no apparent cause: maybe the screen just went completely dark, some pixels don't illuminate anymore, or they are always on, never changing color. It is also possible to have horizontal or vertical lines, or a defective backlight, No matter what caused your screen to malfunction or what is wrong with it, we can provide you with a replacement part to put your device back in operation!
Because a display issue could also be caused by a defective video processing board, here is a tip to confirm your screen is the part you need to change: If you plug an external monitor to your EeePC and observe the same issue on this alternate display, your video board may be malfunctioning, If the display is fine on the external monitor, this confirms your LCD screen needs to be replaced.

And what we provide is not an aftermarket part from a manufacturer with an obscure brand name you have never heard about, which hopefully will fit your Asus EeePC, and perform to your expectations! No such thing here... All our components are genuine Asus parts, which were designed, produced, and quality controlled by the manufacturer of your device! This provides you with the certainty that it will match or surpass your original part's performance, durability, and that you will not have to return the product and waste time in case it does not fit. And you can get back in operation even faster with our express shipping service!

If you are not sure which parts are compatible with your Asus EeePC, it may be useful to use our Meta Configurator to filter through our thousands of items, and access only the ones you need. Just select your device type, series, and model, and you are all set! If you are still unsure or would like to ask a specific question on the best way to improve the performance of your device, which part to select, or if you are having trouble to install the LCD screen. We are here to assist, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

We provide a large selection of  genuine Asus LCD Panels for all the models and all its series (1008, T101, 7011, R105 ...).at competitive prices. While you are here, you may want to check for replacement parts around your screen if they got damaged too, it is important for your screen to be protected and to avoid similar issues in the future. For example, you may want to replace your beloved EeePC's hinges, hinge covers of various colors, LCD cover (many colors available as well), or the LCD bezel.
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