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Top Case for Asus EeePC

Top Case for Asus EeePC

You have many reasons to love your Asus EeePC. Its combination of long battery life, connectivity, ability to customize, and portability are second to none. You use it all the time while on the go, to work, stream movies on its excellent screen, or otherwise access entertainment. Unfortunately, it has been damaged, maybe after a fall, a spill, or some intensive use, and the cover around your keyboard, also called top casing, top cover, upper shelltop case, or simply keyboard cover, has been cracked, scratched, or is not sitting flush with the rest of the laptop anymore.

Get your netbook back to its original beautiful looks, as good as new. This scratched up top cover is not the end of the road for your trusted road companion. It is important to replace it if it is cracked, since it is part of your computer's frame and is part of the structure which holds all the components together. It is especially important for your EeePC, which needs to resist during your many trips.

And it is easier to change than you think! You can do it on your own, all you need is a Philips screwdriver, and a regular flat screwdriver.
- First, make sure that your laptop is switched off, remove the battery, and make sure that you have a clean flat surface to conduct the repair.
- Place your EeePC upside down
- Using your Philips screwdriver, remove all the screws on the bottom of the bottom cover
- Flip your computer back in the regular position
- Using the flat screwdriver, slowly and delicately pry the keyboard cover from the bottom case, going around the perimeter of your device, and gradually separating them.
- Then carefully lift the keyboard cover, making sure that you disconnect the flat ribbon cables from the white connectors.
- Replace the to cover with the new one, and plug back all the flat cables you previously unplugged.
- Reassemble your EeePC, following the steps above in reverse.

We have this part for your laptop and more: whether you own a 1005, 1008, 1215, 1225, R101, R51 Asus EeePC model, we have you covered! And you can expect the best from our online store, both in pricing and in quality, because we get all our components directly from the best supplier, who know your machine inside and out, because they designed and manufactured it. Yes of course, we are talking about your favorite brand Asus. Rest assured of the quality, durability, and fit of all the items you will find here, which is ensured by the high level of expertise and experience Asus has accumulated over the years. We back all our items with a 3-month warranty, so you can rest assured of your complete satisfaction.

To help make your experience easier, we have developed a meta-configurator which will display only the parts which will fit your particular device. All you need to do is enter your device type, its series and model, and all the spare parts you may need for your laptop which may be of interest will be displayed, ready to be viewed. You can also reach out to our team of experts for their advice on which parts you may need to upgrade the performance of your device, confirm which component you may need to resolve an issue, or to get assistance on how to install a part you purchased from us. Click here to get in touch, we will be glad to help you!

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