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Touchpad for Asus EeePC

Touchpad for Asus EeePC

You have made some research some time ago for a new laptop or netbook, and then opted for an Asus EeePC. There are many reasons for this wise choice: compact size, great screen, incredible connectivity, so many ways to make it your own by customizing its interface, portability, battery life... and pricing was just the cherry on the cake! This standard laptop format does not need you to carry a mouse around, because it integrates a touchpad... But since you are here, it looks like you may not be able to use it properly at this point.

Maybe the touchpad has lost some sensitivity, feels slower or imprecise, or one of the buttons is not working anymore? It may be scrolling or creating zoom effects when you just want to move the cursor. Or your left mouse button is now acting as a right click, or vice versa. These are not only annoyances, they can prevent you to do your work properly, and force you to carry around a mouse, which makes it quite awkward to use your laptop on your lap for example, or in the plane... You wish to get back to the portability and usability you had been enjoying for so long before your touchpad started to malfunction! Well, you have landed on the right online store, and we will help you get the part you need to claim back your Asus EeePC's full capacity!

We carry inventory of many brand-new Asus components, including touchpads for EeePCs, and other spare parts related to repairing a defective touchpad (ribbon cable, controller board, touchpad board, ...). All our items are genuine Asus components, manufactured with the same attention to detail, and the same high level technology which enabled the design and creation of the Asus EeePC you own. We have direct contact with the designing & manufacturing company Asus, which enables us to provide you with the right component, perfectly fit in its performance, durability, and integration into your own device. In particular, we carry touchpad parts for models 1101HA, 1025C, X101, R252B, etc. at incredible prices.

We have made it easy for you to select the right part: select your computer type (All-in-One, laptop, EeePC, etc.), then the series it belongs to, and finally the exact model, to filter through our extensive inventory or parts and accessories, and find the parts which are compatible with your own device. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will be glad to help in the selection of your part, but also recommend further upgrades, and even help in guiding you through the installation of the component in your device. Click here to communicate with one of our Asus specialists.

Since you are already on this website, why don't you browse our other pages and sections for upgrades and accessories to improve your EeePC, for example a top cover (different colors are available for a customized appearance), replacement keyboard, or charger?

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