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Battery for Asus's Tablet

Find a new tablet battery here!

Is your tablet battery not working long enough? Ready to replace it? Do so with the brand-new Asus battery you need. Find here batteries for the Asus Memopad, Transformer or VivoTab. And if you have other repairs to do on your Asus tablet, discover on our site all the 100% original accessories, spare parts and components for your Asus tablets, such as controller cards, sleek keyboards, fans or connectors.
In recent years the tablet has become a real competitor of the laptop. It offers so many uses that makes it attractive and versatile: used as a touchpad with a stylus for all leisure and family use, equipped with a keyboard it turns into a small laptop suitable for all office tasks or with a dual position protection, it adapts to all your uses. Its ultra mobility, its light and compact format and its autonomy have made it essential. But when the battery of your Asus tablet loses capacity over time, it loses all its charm!
Have you noticed for some time a significant loss of autonomy of your tablet, accompanied by a longer charging time? The charging battery icon appears when you plug it in but then turns off and nothing charged? Do you have to be plugged into an outlet to use your device? Your screen is black and the tablet does not turn on anymore? It's time to change the battery!
Do you think you made a mistake or have a question? Contact our service team now, who will assist you in your repairs and bring you all the professional advice you need. And if you come to find the battery is not the problem, we suggest reading our article on the most common tablet problems and how to fix them.


How to fix your Asus Tablet Battery

Several causes can cause this failure: your tablet is always on, it is too often connected to the mains' socket being used, you have discharged your tablet too much that it cannot fully charge or cycles to load were not respected.
Asus Accessories offers to give a second life to this small laptop by changing the battery of your Asus tablet defective or just too worn. You will find in this section all the Asus batteries for all the tablet models (Memopad, Transformer, VivoTab, Fonepad, Nexus, EeePad) and all the series (Z370, Z300, TF701, Z301, Z500 ...).
These tablet batteries are brand new, 100% original and certified Asus manufactured
To find the battery corresponding to your equipment, nothing is easier: on your right a small window representing our configurator, inform it about your type of device, its series and its model so that it selects for you only the adequate products.
Once your battery is ordered, it will arrive quickly at your home thanks to our fast delivery. All you have to do is change the battery by using a small flat screwdriver and following the method described below:
- Make sure your tablet is turned off and unplugged from any AC outlet
- Screen facing you, place the flat screwdriver between the screen outline and the back shell to gently remove them starting with a corner
- You notice that the battery is connected to the system by a small connector (socket with 6 wires)
- Slowly unplug this connector levering with your screwdriver and remove the battery
- Place the new battery and reconnect it to the connector
- Close your tablet by hiding the screen and the back cover

Warning !! Follow the advice of the first charging cycle of your new battery: it must recharge at least 12 hours, computer off, of course, before it's first used to ensure its durability. Also remember to read the advice of used to know the battery level below which reloading is important.
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