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The best products and the best accessories for your Fonepad, Memo Pad, Vivo Tab, Transformer Pad and Slider are available here at the best price ! Acquire a fan, a keyboard, a charger, a cable .... to repair your tablet immediately.
Expert producer in regards of technology, modernization and computing, Asus introduces to the world in 2015 the Android Hybrid Tablets and the Zenpad. If you are here on this site it means that you've selected a Tablet or a Zenpad instead of a computer, due to its ease of portability, for its amazing weight / size ratio built, or for its simple operation. Perfect for beginners or for household use, or because the price of the Asus Tablet items are less expensive than those of the computers!

With the vision to always progress its merchandise, Asus produces and presents for sale all the replacement parts, accessories and items of each of its products to let you revolutionize your device according to your needs and personality, with numerous alternatives. You will be capable of fixing your own tablet, replace one of its damaged accessories, include parts or enhance its usage in conformance to your necessities

With an era of technological support, Asus Accessories offers you the favorable circumstance to order all of the items and merchandise of your liking, granting you to always maintain its Asus own efficiency improvement without the need to buy new devices.

Relying upon the device you possess, you can get yourself a keyboard dock and a stylus to convert your tablet into a laptop, boost the internal memory with an SD card, enhance its abilities with the inclusion of an external webcam, or safeguard your Zenpad with a cover, tempered glass, a screen protector or an appropriate case, all these come in numerous versions to modify the layout of your device to match your requirements.

Our website also provides screens and screen modules if they are damaged, fractured or defective, chargers (complete or separate), USB cables and batteries due to yours being misplaced or being damaged, to prevent your tablet from being unusable for a long while. Furthermore, you can also find a broad range of accessories such as buttons, FFC's, SD cards and SIM card slots, speakers, power connectors, etc.

Last but not least, discover also all of the docking stations, wireless charging media, fans, hardware kits and connectors (SD card reader, adapter, HDMi cable, etc.) for all the variety of Asus Tablets (Z300M, Z301M, Transformerpad, Vivopad, etc.) and Zenpad (Zenpad 10, Zenpad S, Zenpad 8.0, etc.).

To ensure the offering of an amazing image, portability and efficient encounter of your Asus device, our service is at your request to assist you throughout your browsing and help you choose the best items that meet your needs and by responding to all of your inquiries.
Moreover, our online meta configurator will allow you to pick the type of item and the model you have so to present to you with only the parts and accessories suitable or appropriate for the model of your Tablet or Zenpad.

Nowadays, computers and tablets have developed into a necessity in the household, for that reason, our team prides in its reputation on offering you with top quality new merchandise, produced and certified by Asus and with long-term warranty.

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