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LCD Bezel for Asus Tablet

The bezel is the screen outline of your Asus Tablet, it happens that following intensive use or a fall it is damaged or broken.

Indispensable to the safety of your screen, the four corners of your screen and its components, screen plastics above all keep the components in place and avoid excessive play between the various parts. To continue using and moving your Asus touchscreen tablet with confidence, it is important to replace the screen bezel if it is damaged.
Asus Accessories offers you within this page official bezels or screen contours for Asus Tablets such as the Transformer Pad, EeePad or Asus Nexus.
Different colors will be offered to allow you to personalize your equipment as you wish or to adapt your bezel to the design of your tablet. All of our products are 100% original and certified by Asus manufacturing.

Even though the bezel seems to be a superficial and purely aesthetic part, it is certainly vital for your tablet screen. It safeguards the LCD Panel from impacts, scratches or cracks; but especially the outline of the screen at the corners which are extremely delicate, mostly when on the move.

The bezel also safeguards the tiny items of the LCD panel and the screen against dirt, dust or moisture, without this protection is the door is open to all things undesired to the correct operation of your tablet.

Asus Accessories gives you access to a wide inventory of Bezels from the Asus brand, for all models and series of tablets (Nexus, Transformer, etc.). Our online meta-configurator will let you to choose only the components compatible with your tablet to avoid any inaccuracies, you simply need to enter the model and series of your tablet.

You will discover on in this site all the screen bezels (screen plastics), of all sizes you may need for your tablet and also several colors to choose from. Furthermore, you can also find compatible screen contours to prevent scratches or cracks on your touch screen.

Replacing the bezel is very simple, and you can do it on your own without the help of a paid professional! 

All our products are new, genuine Asus-produced components and are covered by a 3-month warranty. If you have any concern or question, contact our service department now, we will be happy to offer upgrade suggestions, and guide you during your browsing. Click here to contact us.

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