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Hinge for Asus Tablet

Find here hinges at the best price for your Transformer or VivoTab RT.

Hinges can be damaged after a shock, getting older or opened/closed too many times. A tablet combines efficiency with ease all in a device smaller than a laptop. If you are actually unsure whether a tablet best suits you, check out our article on the advantages of tablets. However, if you are a tablet owner and are experiencing hinge issues, you have come to the right place! Many things could have caused an issue with your hinges. 
No matter the cause, the hinges of your Asus tablet have given out, causing internal movements and especially preventing you from continuing to use it on the go. Asus Accessories, offers Asus tablet hinges for sale, allowing you to repair the damaged equipment and reuse the keyboard associated with the tablet.

Various options are available to you with products always under warranty and 100% original, and compatible with different models of tablets Asus (Transformer, VivoTab, Zenpad ...).
Contact our team of Asus experts who will provide you with sound advice and clarification according to your needs, answering any questions you may have.
Discover our wide range of Asus accessories for tablets, as well as, various spare parts such as screen contours, slabs, buttons, FFCs or covers.
Certified and manufactured by Asus, our hinges ensure optimal performance and safety while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment.

Which hinges you will need?

In particular, this page includes left hinges and right hinges for tablets sold individually to suit all your failures.
You will also find hinges for tablets (complete part) with left and right hinges, connector, button and hook to fix the tablet to the dock and change the complete joint. You can also buy tablet hinge covers, also called covered hinges, to protect the various elements of your tablet and prevent the entry of residues, dust or moisture.
Furthermore, you will be able to make this change of parts yourself easily, without the need to call a professional (so you avoid paying labor). Before you start, get a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver, then turn off your tablet and unplug it from any power source:
- Remove the screen and place the keyboard dock face down
- Remove the various screws on the back of the keyboard
- Then remove the four rubber pads using the flat screwdriver by gently prying
- Then remove the screws under these covers
- Using the flat screwdriver, pry the gap between the keyboard and its top, starting at the touchpad and then do the complete turn
- Remove the two elements, then you find yourself facing the internal steel frame, it also has screws, remove the screws then the chassis
- You are now facing the hinges, unscrew the one concerned and replace it with the new one before reassembling your tablet following the steps in the opposite direction
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