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Are all of the parts new, genuine Asus products?
Yes, all of the parts are brand new, official Asus brand parts.

Are the prices displayed in U.S. dollars (USD)?
Yes, all of the prices on this site are in USD.

Where are you located?
Our headquarters are in Florida. We have two warehouse/facilities in North Carolina and one warehouse in Europe (France).

How can I verify that the part I selected fits my device?
By using the search engine on the homepage of our site, you can enter in your device's info and be shown only parts that are compatible with your specific device. You can also click here to ask our service team any question regarding your Asus device. Please provide the serial number of your device to ensure a prompt and accurate response.

I can’t find the part I need. Are all of the parts you sell listed?
Yes, but we can get any part still being manufactured for your ASUS device. The PARTS REQUEST FORM should appear when a part is not referenced on the site. Or you can fill out this form, provide the serial number of your device, and describe the part(s) you need.

Can I just use the part number to find the item?
Yes, you can enter the part number it in the search box and press enter. If the part is referenced, it will be displayed for you. If the PARTS REQUEST FORM appears, you will need to provide the serial number of your device and the description of the part to avoid any miscommunication.

How do I know if a part is available?
When you click on the desired product, our product page will indicate if the part is in stock.

What does it mean if the part is available “on our European Hub”?
The part is in our European warehouse and the shipping options and costs will be different.

What does Unavailable mean?
This product is no longer available for sale. It is obsolete.

How do I know it is a special order?
If you received a single use link to make the purchase and were notified of a 2-4 week delay, you have a special order.

I was told that my order would arrive 2-4 weeks after purchase, how can I check the status of the order?
Log in to your account using the same e-mail address (user name) and password as you used for the order. You should be able to see if there are any updates. You can also fill out a request on the link below and we will be glad to let you know:

Can I change the shipping address?
Yes, log in to your account using the same e-mail address (user name) and password as you used for the order. Please note that if the package has shipped we cannot intervene until it is returned to us.

The package is being sent to the wrong address?
You can contact your post office (USPS) or Fedex to re-route the package and avoid any additional shipping costs.

Do you ship to U.S. Military addresses?
Yes of course, please select USPS as a carrier.

Do you guarantee the times of delivery?
USPS times of delivery are an average and are not guaranteed.
Fedex Express and Fedex overnight are guaranteed for orders made before 2PM and only for weekdays.
Example 1: an overnight package ordered on a Saturday before 2PM will not be delivered until Monday.
Example 2: an overnight package ordered on a Saturday after 2PM will only ship on Monday and arrive on Tuesday.
Example 3: An overnight package ordered on Monday at 3PM will not ship until Tuesday and will be delivered on Wednesday.

The item I ordered is not in stock but I paid for overnight delivery, when will I get my product?
Once the product is in stock it will be shipped using the method you selected (overnight in this instance).

Do you ship to Mexico?
Yes, we ship to Mexico. We ship to most countries in the Americas

Do you ship to Europe, Asia, Australia etc.?
The delivery address you entered will provide you with delivery options. If none of the options are available, we may no longer ship to that destination. You can use the link below to get confirmation. We avoid shipping to places where delivery is not reliable or import taxes and fees are exorbitant. You can use third party shippers (i.e. re-shippers ) for these locations.

What are the shipping costs?
We ship with Fedex and depending on your address the cost will vary. Our site will show you the shipping costs after you have selected the part and before you finalize the payment. This will allow you to know the amount you will be charged for shipping.

Are there other fees I should be aware of?
We do not charge any other fees than those indicated on your invoice. However, you may be subject to import taxes and fees assessed by the local government and that Fedex will ask you to pay before delivering the product.

Can I use a re-shipper?
Yes we can send your package to a re-shipper. Please understand that once the product is received by the re-shipper, we are no longer responsible for the package reaching you at the final destination. If they lose or damage the product, you will need to file a claim with them.