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Our shop is the Asus Authorized Parts Reseller in the USA. We sell a wide range of Replacement Parts and Accessories for the Asus Laptops : charger, keyboard, LCD Bezel, top case, cover...
You can find all what you need for your Asus computer. We only sell Asus products.
Asus is known for its large variety of laptops, suitable for various uses, whether it is for business or for pleasure, from the small Netbook to the vital configurations for gaming. Its builder capacities have made its merchandise of quality and trustworthy and also lets us provide all the replacement parts for sale to enhance the durability of your computer but also to switch its use according to your demands!

With time, incorrect usage, a slowdown, or an instant change of demands sometimes needs the alterations of some spares or damaged parts of your computer (keyboard, top case, fan, etc.). You may also want to replace the external accessories on your notebook or purchase new ones, such as a power supply, an external hard drive, a bag, a cable, a headphone, etc.

No matter if you want to make a repair, modify some parts or a want a system enhacement, we bring you all the items required for these changes. You will discover available for sale on our online store, all the internal and external accessories of the Asus brand; needed for repairs and to guarantee a superior operation of your computer associated with supreme efficiency(chargers, battery, touchpad, bezel, screws, etc.).
Regardless of the model of your computer and the place of your need or research, you will find on our site all the items for all the series of laptops Asus: Zenbook, Vivobook, Ultrabook, Chromebook, ROG etc.
Additionally, we offer a better way to look for replacement parts or accessories that can be associated with your computer more easily and quickly! For an easy browsing, our meta configurator will save you time by choosing for you only the accessories and parts appropriate with the Asus device type and the model you have indicated..
All the replacement parts, components and miscellaneous computer accessories offered on this site are new, original Asus and under guarantee, ranging from 3 months for replacement parts to 24 months for accessories, to assure quality, sustainability and professionalism. Without setting aside our broad selection of merchandise, where you will have the possibility to determine even the detail of the colors, the options and the finishings in order to master your installation.
Whether you are looking for a part of the same series as your computer, or on the contrary that you are determined to discover replacement parts for other models, you will find here all the replacement parts and accessories Asus suitable for your device. We continuously accommodate and broaden our range to have a stock and a sort of products and parts to meet your requests.
Also find our range of mobile phones Asus: Zenfone and all other products and accessories.
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